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13 movies about the kitchens of the peoples of the world

The way in the movies and on TV show the process of cooking, can not leave indifferent even the most unpretentious eater. Incredible kitchen stunts and trickery in the preparation of exotic dishes, shown on the screens, anyone will be tempted to go to the nearest restaurant to taste something new that delights the taste. We started the drama "Chief Adam Johns ", in which the hero changes Paris to London, forced to revise a few pictures about the chefs to make a small cinematic map of the cuisines of the peoples of the world. Come along with us on trips to exotic and familiar restaurants in search of tasty and healthy food.


Dandelion (1985) / Tampopo

western / comedy

Producer: Jujo Itami

Starring: Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Codzy Yakuse, Ken Vatanabe, Rica Yasuoka


Shot from the film "Dandelion"

Shot from the film "Dandelion"

Let's start with the East, whose cuisine is very different from the usual. Japan in the eyes of the philistine is an alternation of sushi with tea ceremonies, but from the truth this view is far away, the Land of the Rising Sun can surprise guests with the most delicious dishes. However, the phenomenon of international business is not alien to the rapid, business Japanese culture and fast food. To "fast food" in the Far East is, for example, a Japanese dish with wheat noodles called ramen, it is around the noodle that serves this simple dish, the plot of the film "Dandelion" directed by the director Jujo Itami. A few funny adventures related to the attitude to food, and the cinematic dish is ready!

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