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Oscar 2017 in numbers

Check algebra harmony - an occupation not only unpromising, but harmful, any calculations instantly destroy creativity and disperse inspiration. And yet, without mathematics anywhere, especially where it comes to conferring ranks "best", "main" and "first" - here the figures can tell a lot. We will not make predictions on who will get the gold figurines at the upcoming award ceremony for the Academy of Sciences (at least for now), but we suggest that you look at some interesting figures that characterize both the organizers, the event, and the participants. Who knows, perhaps in these numbers of numbers you will see the system and will be able to predict the winners in all nominations of the future big show with high accuracy.

341 million dollars - so much has already collected a musical "La La Land"In the world box office. The second in the list of the highest-grossing tapes claiming Oscar in the category "best film" in 2017-year, while "Arrival"With 200 million dollars. With last year's "Martian"These two pictures can not compete even together.

Photo from the set of the film "La La Land"

Photo from the set of the film "La La Land"

47 million dollars - the budget is the most expensive of those applying for 2017 for the title of "best film" of paintings, "Arrivals". «For reasons of conscience"Cost about 40 million. In previous years only 2007-th "distinguished" by the absence of short-block blockbusters, then "Oscar" took "Redemption", Whose budget did not exceed 30 million dollars.

42,8 million dollars - the cost of the award ceremony in 2017.

21 million dollars - just 21 million dollars collected by now in the box office drama "Moonlight", And 15 of them were received even before the nomination of nominees in the category of" best film ". A year ago, the most "forgotten by the audience" picture was "Room", She collected only 9 million dollars by the beginning of the ceremony, and then replenished the piggy bank with 25 millions more.

5 million dollars - the budget of the most "modest" picture, claiming the prize for the "best film" this year. So cheap to its authors was "Moonlight".

120 000 dollars - the cost of an invitation ticket for two persons to a party dedicated to the results of the ceremony, which guests are all nominees and participants of the evening.

696 dollars - the cost of an Oscar statuette, covered with 24-carat gold.

6687 - So many people are currently in the number of voting for nominees of the American Academy of Film.

638 - so many new members have joined the American Film Academy in the past year, after a scandal erupted, revealing ethnic, gender and age biases in the ranks of the organization. Of this number 46% are women, 41% is black.

467 - the timing of the longest Oscar-nominated film not only this year, but in general - 467 minutes. This is how much the mini-series "O. J: Made in America", Claiming a prize in the category of" best documentary film. "

336 - so many paintings were able to enter the number of nominees in the category of "best film" following the results of 2016 year. Academicians selected nine of them.

225 - the audience from 225 countries will become spectators of the broadcast of the Oscar-winning ceremony in 2017. 30-second commercial during the broadcast cost the advertiser 2 million dollars, but even this amount is 58% less than the cost of the slot in the broadcast of the Superbowl.

139 - for 139 minutes the paintings "Fences"And" For reasons of conscience "- the two longest films nominated for the award in the category" best film ". The longest film that received such a prize is still "Gone with the Wind", going 238 minutes.

90 - noted for the soundtrack to the fantastic film "Passengers» Thomas Newman added a ninety nomination for Oscar to the treasury of his musical family, which includes composers of several generations: Alfred, Lionel, David, Joe, Randy and Maria Newman.

67 - the most age-old actress, nominated in 2017-year, has become Meryl Streep, she turned 67 years old. Only six months younger than her Jeff Bridges. Followed by 63-year-old Isabelle Huppert and 62-year-old Дензел Вашингтон.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

50 - 50 from 86 announced candidates for "Oscar" one way or another belong to the nine paintings that are nominated this year in the category of "best film." A year ago, such candidates for awards were 53.

26 - so many nominations are marked the paintings produced by the studio Lionsgate (among them are "La La Land", "For reasons of conscience", "Any price"And"Deepwater horizon"). The nearest pursuers can boast much less: the Paramount 18 nominations, and the A24 - only 10.

23 - For the first time since 1994 in the category "best visual effects", an animated film claims "Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai". 23 a year ago in this category was nominated "The nightmare before christmas» Henry Selika.

21 - The twenty-first nomination for Oscar was received this year by the main "loser" of this award, Kevin O'Connell, noted for his work on the picture "For reasons of conscience." His pursuit of the golden statuette O'Connell began in 1984 with the movie "Language of tenderness", But all the previous twenty nominations ended up for him with nothing.

21 - twenty-one years have passed since the day when Mel Gibson triumphantly took home two Oscars for "best direction" and "best film", by which academics noted the drama "Braveheart". Since then, Gibson was marked by a string of politically incorrect statements, took part in divorce proceedings and financial scandals, but apparently he did not lose the grip of the director.

Mel Gibson on the set of the film "For reasons of conscience"

Mel Gibson on the set of the film "For reasons of conscience"

20 - continues to beat her own records Meryl Streep, an Oscar nomination of an actress for her role in the film "Florence Foster Jenkins"Became the twentieth in the career of the star. For the American Film Academy this is an absolute record. Men to these numbers are very far away - Denzel Washington and Jeff Bridges are claiming the "all" awards for the seventh time.

20 - the youngest nominated in 2017, the actor was just 20. Lukas Hedges, who played in "Manchester by the sea"- the eighth in the list of the youngest contenders for the" Oscar "in the history of the award.

14 - The musical La La Lund received 14 nominations for Oscar, according to this indicator the film Damien Shazell equaled with such tapes as "All about Eva"And"Titanic". However, Shazelle's tape in the category "best song" is nominated twice, so the picture formally claims only 13 figurines - the last time for such a number of prizes the drama "drew" David Fincher «The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"Eight years ago.

14 - 14 from 20 possible acting nominations in 2017 year have departed to the artists involved in the pictures, applying for the award in a category "the best film". Last year, the representation was much more diverse, and the "best pictures" were delegated to only 9 nominees.

13 - Dev Patel became the first actor of Indian origin, nominated for an Oscar for the last 13 years. Before him such an honor was awarded in 2004 Ben Kingsley for his role in the drama "House made of sand and fog».

Dev Patel in the film "The Lion"

Dev Patel in the film "The Lion"

11 - 11 years have passed since the day of death August Wilson, nominated for "Oscar" in 2017 for the script for the drama "Fencings". It should be noted that this is not the longest "delay" - the composer Larry Russell "Received" his "Oscar" for working on the film "Lights of the ramp" only in 18 years after his death.

9 - so many pictures claim for the award in the category of "best film". For several years the Academy has been searching for how many tapes to nominate for the main prize, before that there were nine nominees in 2012, 2013 and 2014 years, but in 2015 and 2016 the academicians were limited to eight candidates.

8 - received a respectable eight nominations picture Dani Vilneva "Arrival" is the only contender for the prize for the "best film", not presented in the ceremony by any candidate for an actor's prize.

8 - Mika Levi, who wrote music for the drama "Jackie"And nominated for this year's" Oscar ", has become only the eighth female composer, claiming a statuette in the category" best soundtrack. "

7 - at once seven actors were nominated this year for the first time. Until 2017 year talents Andrew Garfield, Isabelle Huppert, Ruth Nigga, Mahershali Ali, Lucas Hedges, the Virgin of Patel and Naomi Harris academicians were not noticed.

7 - Last year's scandal forced the Academy to reconsider its views on the "color" actors, not represented in the number nominated in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, at once seven nominees have dark or swarthy skin: to African Americans Denzel Washington, Ruth Negg, Mahershale Ali, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Naomi Harris, we have added the Virgin of Patel, who has Indian roots. The last time such a number of "non-white" nominees was celebrated in 2007 year.

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in the movie "Fencings"

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in the movie "Fencings"

7 - Seven paintings presented in the category "Best Film", their premieres were given at major or notable festivals. "Arrival", "La-Lend" and "For reasons of conscience" were first shown to viewers in Venice (in the same place, by the way, the Oscar winners of the last two years made their debut - "Berdman"And"In the Spotlight")," At any cost "started in Cannes,"Lev"- in Toronto," Manchester by the Sea "- on" Sundance "," Moonlight "was noted in Telluride.

7 - Denzel Washington became the seventh person nominated simultaneously for the role and direct participation in the creation of a picture claiming a prize in the category "best film". In "Fencings" Washington has acted as a producer, director and performer of the main role, however, he did not get a director's nomination.

5 - Five people in 2017 year claim for prizes in two categories: Damien Shazell, Barry Jenkins и Kenneth Lonergan nominated for directing and working on the script, Denzel Washington is noted as the producer and starring in the film "Fencings", and Theodor Melphy for the picture "Hidden figures"Is noted as a producer and screenwriter.

5 - five nominated actors already have in their collection statuettes of the American Film Academy: three "Oscars" are kept by Meryl Streep, two "spare" by Denzel Washington, one at each Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman and Jeff Bridges.

5 - Five actors nominated in 2017 year, do not have US citizenship: Naomi Harris and Dev Patel are subjects of the British Crown, Isabelle Huppert is French, Ruth Negga is Irish, and Nicole Kidman is a citizen of Australia. In addition to this five, Natalie Portman and Andrew Garfield have dual citizenship. A year ago there were ten applicants from outside the US.

4 - Four paintings this year can boast of the fact that the two artists from their composition claim to actor's "Oscars". This is La La Land, Fences, Moonlight and Lion. A year ago there were five such films.

4 - Barry Jenkins became the fourth director-African American, nominated for an Oscar, his name is now written next to John Singleton, Lee Daniels и Steve McQueen.

3 - in only three categories Ted Melfy's tape "Hidden figures" is nominated, for the tapes nominated this year for the title of "best film", this is the most modest figure. In addition to the main "Oscar" tape has a chance to get a statuette in the categories "best adapted script" and "best supporting actress".

3 - in three categories ("best actress", "best costume design" and "best music for the film"), the drama pretends to be "Oscars" Pablo Larraina "Jackie", while the film was outside the nomination for the "best film."

3 - three previous nominations Michelle Williams were "bachelor": academicians did not give her an "Oscar" for either "Brokeback Mountain", Nor for"Valentine's Day", Nor for"7 days and nights with Marilyn". Williams - the most unlucky pretender to acting awards this year. Quite frankly, she has very few chances to interrupt the "black streak" this time.

3 - Viola Davis became the first black actress nominated for an Oscar for the third time. Alas, the previous two attempts to get the prize ended for Davis nothing.

2 - Two actors - Jeanel Monet and Mahershale Ali - it was possible to play at once in two pictures nominated in the category "best film", both were noted in "Moonlight" and "Hidden figures".

1 - only one of the participants in the 2017 ceremony is nominated this time three times - this is Justin Hurwitz, the author of two songs and the original soundtrack of La La Landa. Two years ago there were three such "triple lucky beggars": Alejandro Gonzalez Inarrito, Wes Anderson и Richard Linkleiter, but in 2016 this achievement was not submitted to anyone.

1 - Only one film - "Manchester by the Sea" - was awarded this year in three nominations, Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and Lucas Hedges. Last year such a powerful line-up could not boast a single film, and in 2015 this achievement was submitted to "Berdman".

1 - only Mel Gibson, who received an Oscar for Braveheart, is re-nominated this year for Best Director. The remaining four contenders for the first time have the opportunity to compete for a director's statuette.

Jean Monet, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer in the film "Hidden figures"

Jean Monet, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer in the film "Hidden figures"

1 - for the first time in the history of the Oscar, black actors are represented in all four categories simultaneously. It's time to output the #OscarSoBlack hashtag to the top!

0 - none of the contenders for acting awards this year was not listed in the ranks of nominees a year ago, in 2016 the same for the "second consecutive term" went Eddie Redmayne и Mark Ruffalo. To some extent, today we can only note Matt Damon - a year ago he claimed Oscar for Best Actor, now he will have to compete as a producer for the victory of Manchester by the Sea in the nomination "Best Film".

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