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Filling in the blanks: which films at the Cannes Film Festival are worth seeing?

In the Russian rental movie "Shop thieves"- a drama about a poor Japanese family (whether a family?), Which took this year the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival," Golden Palm ". In honor of this, we decided to tell you about other Cannes winners that are worth seeing for every movie lover. Immediately we warn you: for 72, the existence of a competition of excellent films on it was so much that there was no way to fit them all. Therefore, we did not include those tapes that most, and so, most likely, saw: sorry, "Crime novel","Taxi driver"And"Apocalypse Now».


Enlarge Image (1966) / Blow-Up

detective / drama / thriller

Producer: Michelangelo Antonioni

Starring: Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles, David Hemmings, John Castle, Jane Birkin

Frame from the film "Enlargement"

Frame from the film "Enlargement"

It was difficult to restrain and not include in the list films of all three great directors of the new Italian cinema. And "Sweet life» Fellini, and «Leopard» Visconti - beautiful tapes, strongly influenced the landscape of world cinema, and they definitely deserve a place in this list. But we decided to stay at the "Photo Enlargement" Michelangelo Antonioni: it is a little less popular than Sweet Life, and much more friendly for the modern viewer than Leopard.

This thriller, once set a new bar for permissiveness and frankness in the cinema, has not been completely out of date for fifty years. The stories of a photographer who is tired of the bohemian life, who in one of his photos notices the details of a possible murder, will not have to give a discount for a while - and now she is able to captivate, and her thoughts about the relativity of our perception have not lost their relevance.

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