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Review of the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

A cute fantasy adventure of Japanese schoolchildren, faced with unexplained phenomena against the background of growing up and the manifestation of the first senses.


The fourth-grader Aoyama is the smartest, most serious and well-read boy in his class. Every day Aoyama discovers the world around him and searches for every phenomenon to find a scientific explanation. However, a number of unexpected incidents show the boy that not everything can be put into the usual framework. An adult acquaintance of a schoolboy, nurse Yudiko, for example, can turn soda cans into penguins, and Hamamoto's classmate finds in the forest a giant flying ball, which she calls "Ocean." In addition to everything around the town where Aoyama lives, mysterious gigantic lizards are announced! The boy is lost in conjectures about what is happening, but does not give up on the desire to find out where from his world mysterious guests began to appear. Together with friends the schoolboy goes on an amazing journey to the end of the world.

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

Even if you have never seriously taken an interest in Japanese animation or graphics, the title "Studio Ghibli", "The Heavenly Castle of Laputa"Or the names Navsikaya and Totoro you probably met. Fortunately, the animation of the Land of the Rising Sun is not limited to the works of the one Hayao Miyazaki. You can make sure of this even in Russian cinemas, where from time to time "brings" magnificent samples of the anime that is surprising in its versatility and depth. Exactly one year ago our hire was decorated with a fantasy melodrama "Your name", And now it's time for the fascinating adventures of" The Secret Life of Penguins "- hurry to see!

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

The script tape is based on the fantastic novel Timihiko Morimi "Penguin path", released in 2010, which became the winner of a number of genre awards and has already been re-released three times in the author's homeland

As well as it is necessary to a good anime, "Secret life" - product multilayered and capable to interest a public of the most different age, and the spectator of each of generations will see something the. Only on the very surface lies a children's story about a ten-year-old who encounters fairy-tale creatures and pretty penguins, who from where appeared in his town. Where the layer is more complex, aimed at adolescents and even young people, there is a complex process of growing up, self-identification, and searching for boundaries that are permitted and meaningful. Only at first glance the characters of the film meet with something incomprehensible - allusions to the first manifestations of sexuality, to the clash of science and religion, to the comprehension of the mysteries of life and death are more than obvious. Yes, and adults will not be superfluous to look at childhood experiences, and maybe even learn wisdom from Aoyama's father, who always finds words of support for his son.

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

In addition to the printed novel and the feature film "The Secret Life of Penguins" in Japan published in the format of audiobooks and a series of comic books, and the final song of the anime Good Night performed by Hikaru Uthadi became a hit

The design of the picture may seem somewhat cumbersome. Two hours of timing are divided into two roughly the same length of the segment, the first of which "slowly harnesses", and the second - rushing headlong. However, this is the trouble of many modern tapes. Authors are often fond of placing figures on a board and immersing themselves in the inner world of characters, apparently not knowing how to disclose characters through action. Fortunately, that impressive with its beauty and diversity of colors, the "Secret Life" painting does not get bored, the picture is made in the best traditions of the genre. Yes, and the plot is very exciting, turning a children's fairy tale about the pursuit of penguins in the mysterious history of parallel worlds, the inverse of the universe and the boundaries of the universe, reminiscent of the notorious "Very strange things"And"Super 8". I do not have to miss exactly, and the denouement will leave a lot of topics for discussion.

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

Shot from the film "The Secret Life of Penguins"

Part of the audience may seem a bit strange serious accent, made by the authors of the tape on the sexual maturation of the protagonist. Aoyama, for example, seriously reflects on who he likes best-a classmate or a familiar nurse who is twice his age. Surely you will be surprised by the density of the sound of the word "boobs" per unit of time - in this sense "The Secret Life of Penguins" can compete with the comedies of the brothers Wyans. But do not rush to sniff irritably, firstly, the interest of the boy in the film is purely innocent, and secondly, this is an important stage of growing up and the mandatory step of the movement is higher in its development, as the picture directly says Isis Hiroyasu.

But what should alarm, so this is a somewhat erroneous tactic of the domestic distributor to give the picture a fleur of childish spontaneity, liberally costing the original name. The obvious reference to the "Secret Life of Pets", a picture that is noticeably more simple, unpretentious and childish, can mislead the audience. Those who came to look at farting pugs are disappointed by the lack of gags, and those who can appreciate the "Penguin path" (so literally translated the name of the film) on the dignity, will remain unaware of the release. It remains to rely only on the amazing ability of good films to meet with the viewer even under adverse circumstances. And the "Penguins" deserve a meeting with their audience, they have something to tell, what to show and where to send. Even if the road is difficult and unpredictable.

Since 6 September at the cinema.

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