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12 best movies played by just two actors

It happened historically that the actor's talent is considered to be an achievement by the individual, and the best manifestations of the divine gift are seen allegedly in monologues and benefices. From here and so close attention to those pictures, where actors have to keep the viewer's attention alone. But personal charisma is not enough for a really bright game - two together in the frame and the artists are nicer, and the audience is so accustomed. And the main thing is that bright dialogues often make the picture really impressive! At the peak of individual benefit performances and actors' ensembles today we have collected for you a dozen paintings, largely played by just two actors or concentrated on a single dialogue.


Hell in the Pacific (1968) / Hell in the Pacific

war / Adventures

Producer: John Boorman

Starring: Li Marvin, Tiosie Miffy

Shot from the movie "Hell in the Pacific"

Shot from the movie "Hell in the Pacific"

Thrown to the uninhabited island, Robinson Crusoe dreamed that he would make a company at least someone, and was unspeakably glad that providence sent him Friday. Heroes of the military drama "Hell in the Pacific" believe that it would be better on a tiny piece of land they were left alone, because the second survivor is a representative of the opposing side in the conflict between Japan and America in World War II. First, an American pilot and a Japanese officer try to kill each other, then they try to leave the island, deceiving the enemy and taking advantage of his weakness, but in the end they come to the only possible outcome: they can survive and be saved only by acting in concert. The formula "two enemies - one way to salvation" later worked in the cinema more than once, fans of fiction will surely remember the tape "My enemy", And fans of the war film mention the domestic"Cuckoo", But it all began here, on the Pacific atoll.

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