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Overview of the week: What movies to watch in the cinema this weekend

New rolling week in full swing, we decided to draw your attention to the American remake of the French comedy "1 + 1", Continuation of the story of Adonis Creed and the French thriller with Vincent Kassel.


1 + 1: Hollywood Story (2017) / The Upside

drama / comedy

Producer: Nil Berger

Starring: Kevin Hart, Brian Cranston, Nicole Kidman, Julianna Margulis, Женевьева Энджелсон

Shot from the movie "1 + 1: Hollywood Story"

Shot from the movie "1 + 1: Hollywood Story"

Not tired yet of remakes? Brian Cranston и Kevin Hart performed the main roles in the American version of the acclaimed French comedy "1 + 1". In the center of the plot is an intelligent rich man Philip, who lost his wife and got into a wheelchair after an accident. A new assistant, who has just been released from prison, helps to return the life to the millionaire. And this meeting becomes the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Well, the “Hollywood story” in the title already speaks for itself, this is it, with all its minuses and advantages - well-fed beauty, bitter tears and sweetened pills.

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