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20 2019 serials of the year, which you should expect

Made a top list of the most awaited new TV shows this year. Take note of that at the end of the year did not have to catch up.


А теперь — апокалипсис (XNUMX) / Now Apocalypse


Producer: Gregg Araki

Starring: Evan Jogia, Келли Бёрглунд, Bo Mirchoff, Roxana Mesquida, Tyler Posy

Release date: 10 March

Promotional frame for the TV show "Today is the apocalypse"

Promotional frame for the TV show "Today is the apocalypse"

Cult American director Gregg Araki returns to television with his own series, which seems to have absorbed all the best from his past works. Drugs, surrealism, sex and mysticism on the background of sunny Los Angeles. Produces himself Stephen Soderberg.

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