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10 Hollywood directors who married their stars

Screen stars are supposed to be attractive, and at times they attract not only spectators, but also those who give them work - directors. Who has not just fallen in love with his stars in the last few decades, but has offered them a hand and a heart? We remembered ten famous and not very famous Hollywood couples that arose as a result of an unequal service romance.

10. John Carpenter and Adrienne Barbot

Work John Carpenter over the horror-hit 1978 of the year "Halloween"Was preceded by the production of a spirit-like television thriller"Someone is watching me!". One of the key roles in this modest tape was the actress Adrienne Barbot. A year later, in 1979, Carpenter and Barbo got married. Their marriage lasted only five years, but they managed to work together on three classic bands: "Fog","Escape from New York"And"Something". In the last picture there were no female roles, so Barbo voiced the voice of the computer at the polar station. In 1984, they had a son, John.

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