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15 sequels that we lost

No matter how we criticize the dominance of the sequels on the screens, they still remain the driving force behind box offices. The more unexpected it was to see in the recent news reports of just two sequels, which are not destined to appear on the screens. At first, the frustrated members of the "Alien 5" told the audience about what could be the continuation of the famous cosmosaga, and then from the rolling plans the second "Fantastic Four"After calculating losses from the release of the first film. Mentally saying goodbye to these two sequels, we remembered about other extensions, which were vigorously announced, but were never implemented.

The Alien 2: Night Fears

Shot from the movie "Alien"

Shot from the movie "Alien"

On the continuation of "Alien» Steven Spielberg thought about right after the release of one of his most successful family films. It is widely known (and we mentioned this more than once) that the idea of ​​"ET" arose with the director after he "dismembered" his horror project "Night Heaven" - "good" part of it went to "Aliens", "evil" "The same - in"Poltergeist". However, obviously, the film about ghosts did not satisfy Spielberg's thirst for horrors, and Stephen decided to continue the "Alien" not in the most obvious way - to scare those who fell in love with the heroes of the original film. The plot of the sequel was based on the fact that Elliot and his friends are captured by evil aliens. To be saved, children need to find their old friend, whom they helped on Earth, but for this it is necessary to enter into a real battle with aliens. It's a pity, but the spirits of Spielberg very quickly cooled down, and the "Alien" remained a good tale.

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