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10 Soviet cartoons for adults

In modern society there is an opinion that Soviet animation only sowed "reasonable, kind, eternal" and was intended exclusively for children. This is not entirely true. Adult cartoons in the USSR still existed, albeit in a very limited number. We selected a dozen of the most outstanding specimens, which in their bulk would not have passed today any censorship filters. Whether to familiarize your children with them is up to you, dear readers.

Maybe there was no sex on Soviet screens in the 60-ies, but there were enough other "adult" themes: the movies of that time in every possible way exposed careerism, parasitism, drunkenness, and this, of course, was a movie not for children - it was believed that the younger generation it's too early to know about it. But the famous animators Valentina and Zinaida Broomberg decided in 1961 to take an unusual step and shot a satirical cartoon "Big troubles", in which these themes were submitted from the point of view of a child who understands everything literally.

Shot from the cartoon "Big troubles"

Shot from the cartoon "Big troubles"

In the family of the girl, on whose behalf the narrative is conducted, not everything is glory to God: the brother-idler Kolya refuses to "work from morning till night", sits with the pope "at the neck" and "throws money in the restaurant." Expelled from the institute for "tails" sister-belochka Kapa, ​​who "has only rags in her head", dreams of "jumping out for a respectable man." Papa-embezzler "let coolers to the left" and now "smears the paw of the auditor", being afraid that he will be "noticed" (which eventually happens). These and other idioms, illustrated as the little story-teller imagines them, forced many adults to smile, but for the young spectator the tape was still considered too frank: it never appeared in children's cartoons in the morning movies. What did not prevent Valentine and Zinaida from already in the 70-ies from making a sequel (or rather a remake of the same story) under the title "New Big Trouble", in which the main troublemaker was no longer dad, but a grown-up brother-lout, adoring drunken driving. In this cartoon, along with the old ones, there were also fresh targets for satirical arrows, such as deficits, nepotism and slang style.

From the perspective of today, overshadowed by the penetration into the cartoon of such nightmarish genres as guro, mondo and tentacle porn, both works of the sisters look quite naive, from the perspective of that time - rather boldly (after all, the animation is not the magazine "Crocodile", but for experiments with the established types of art more often beat on the head than stroked). But "Big troubles" was lucky to get out during the Khrushchev "thaw", when creative people were allowed to breathe a little and criticize Soviet reality, so that the cartoon did not lie on the shelf, but on the contrary - it gained wide popularity. To this day, the 1961 tape of the year is deservedly considered the best work of the Brumberg sisters, although they remember this couple mostly for children's cartoons, such as "The Cat in Boots", "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Brave Sailor". However, the not particularly childlike "Canterville Ghost" is also their work.

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