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Review of the movie "The Killer"

A thriller "Killer" comes out - a belated monument to 90, which Mickey Rourke saves with a toothpick from complete destruction.

Killer Black Thrush (Mickey Rourke) - a puffy man with a pigtail and memories of an Indian grandmother - takes an order to shoot the elderly leader of the Detroit mafia. And at the same time stuffing a lead splashed in the soul of a prostitute who turned out to be the mistress of the customer: the iron principle of the Indian - do not leave any witnesses. Remaining without witnesses and bonus Drozd is called to help Ricci (Gordon-Levitt) - a petty crook, blackmailing a real estate agent. Because of the rogue, everything goes awry, and a puffy man bored in the country in the Indian reservation, you have to run for two more targets - a dreaming divorce childless coupleDiane Lane и Thomas Jane), forced to participate in the program for the protection of witnesses.

The story with the adaptation of the novel by Elmore Leonard "The Killer" lasts for ten years with a decent tail. During this time, the brothers of Weinstein, who had muddied this story, had managed to reduce their company Miramax to Disney, but they decided not to sue the Winnie-the-Pooh Killer, having stretched the screen version into some endless retreat of gold for the brothers 90. It all began with a "gold": to direct the "Killer" agreed Tony Scott, Indian plaited already tried on Robert De Niro, for the Mazurica undertook Quentin Tarantino, and for a childless couple - Sandra Bullok and Vigo Mortensen. Almost dream-tim. Over time, however, the enthusiasm dried up, and the "gold" began to be replaced by "bronze": De Niro - John Travolta, and Tony Scott - "ninetieth" not the very first analysis John Madden, earned his 15 minutes of fame after the "Shakespeare in Love". In general, by the end of the zero long-suffering "Killer", which was all sent slowly, turned into a monument to the previous decade, which was not "monumental" anymore: the leg flew off, there was a tail, and the bronze gilding began to mask the papier-mâché and the banal gypsum. After chasing the "Killer" by focus groups, the film was decided to be disposed of, and published directly on DVD, if not "Wrestler" / Wrestler, The / (2008).

Indeed, the invitation to Mickey Rourke in this long-term construction was a gesture almost desperate, but as a result, it was his pigtail, as well as a toothpick that adorned the only successful replica for the whole picture, was the only item of interest to the viewer. All the other items John Madden safely merged, turning a multi-figure composition of the novel by Leonard into a hopeless ruin. "Pre-wrestling" Rourke, who has not yet tasted the fallen bird of happiness, looks at the ruins stoically and honestly pulls himself on this whole thriller. Which, even if the "Wrestler" did not happen, would still go down in history as "the same movie with Mickey playing a fat Indian".

It's strange that in the credits is the year of 2009, and not, say, 1993. However, is it really so important for the eternal toothpick?

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