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The most real detective: 6 documentary series that look at one go

Very soon, the cult series “A real detective, The first season of which became a model of television detective investigations. In honor of the momentous event, they decided to switch from works of art to documentaries, which never ceases to prove that life is the best playwright.

They recalled the 6 documentary series, which will prove to you that in one sitting you can watch not only the quest for the Yellow King and Carcos.

Shot from the series "Creating a killer"

Shot from the series "Creating a killer"

Number of runs: 2 season, 20 series

What happened?

The series tells the story of Stephen Avery - a man who was imprisoned for rape, which he did not commit, and was only acquitted after 18 years. After his release in 2003, Avery filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Manitowok County, and in 2005, the police detained him on suspicion of deliberate rape and murder of photographer Teresa Holback. Burned human remains are found on the territory of Avery, and in the victim's car there are traces of Avery’s blood and victims. Together with Stephen, the police arrest his nephew, 16-year-old teenager with a low IQ, Brendan Dassi, on whose confused testimony the prosecution is based.

The series became a cult immediately after the release of the first season, receiving rave reviews from critics and ordinary viewers. Almost immediately began to appear parodies of investigations in famous TV shows, and Netflix released the most famous - “American Vandal”, the first season of which completely copies the “Creating a Killer” structure, only replacing the murder with drawn members. Let the series constantly criticized for bias, and after the second season, a former detective in the Avery case filed a lawsuit against documentary filmmakers, the development of events around the possible revision of evidence seems to be followed by the whole world anyway. “Creating a murderer” from the first series with his head delays into the judicial abyss so much that at the end of the second season it begins to seem as though there was a conspiracy and a lot of fabricated evidence against Avery.

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