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Review of the movie "Lovely Bones"

"Lovely Bones" came out - a new film by Peter Jackson, similar to the New Age propaganda of "Twilight".

Sweet angel Susan (Sorsha Ronan), returning once from school, agreed to look at the doll house dug in the corn field by one bad uncle (Stanley Tucci), much like the sex maniac, from where she went straight to heaven. On the ground in the prosperous American suburb of the 70-x line, the family has to mourn the loss: her mother (Rachel Weiss), who at one point escaped grief for agricultural work, an accountant-dadMark Wahlberg), who took the searches of her daughter under her control, when all hope had disappeared, brother-carp, sister-business sausage (Rose McAiver) and a cheerful grandmother-alcoholic (Susan Sarandon). While the murderer goes unpunished, Susan does not want to lose touch with her souls, which only aggravates the sad mood in the next world and this.

Not to say that the question "what is the person who has taken off "Lord of the Rings" / Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The / (2001) brought a disturbing dream to all people of good will and with good taste, but some intrigue was present in him. For a successful artist, lifelong director's carte blanche and a decent bank account are really a good reason to take a creative vacation and to drop millions of dollars for some small thing: dig in the sunken "Titanic" as Cameron, play in the children's cars, like Vachovski, or how Peter Jackson, with Komsomol enthusiasm to broadcast on the screen their school enthusiasm from "King Kong". In the same spirit, probably, and it was necessary to continue to amuse the people, but such a product of fooling as "Lovely Bones" provokes in the case of Jackson some puzzling questions. The main thing is why, in general, it was necessary so seriously to fan the cheeks over the sentimental novel about the young lady in paradise, published in the magazine for teenage girls "Seventeen"?

Now that we have the first and second hands Twilight / (2008), "Lovely Bones" are similar to the belated marketing failure of a large Hollywood studio looking for new markets. On the one hand, the direction from which the wind blows is absolutely correct: two years ago, the demand curve for the stories about love and death, set out from the point of view of a teenager in the puberty stage of development, really jerked up sharply, and not for nothing around the romance Alice Sebold some time came to be conjunctural and bourgeois Steven Spielberg. On the other hand, the pathetic, cheerful intonation chosen by Jackson to please teenage megalomania turned the true undertaking into a total embarrassment, as if a gloomy teenager who decided to settle his life with unhappy love gave an expensive well-illustrated album with memoirs of people who survived clinical brain death.

Actually, it is in this definition that all the special effects of the film are laid, not far from esoteric folk art, sold in parks and underground passages. Perhaps this definition also exhausts his genre: the worst nightmare that Catherine Hardwick and the admirers of her remarkable film could dream of is the author of the "Lord of the Rings", engaged in the New Age propaganda of "Twilight", compared to which even such an apotheosis of folk superstitions, as "Ghost" / Ghost / (1990) с Patrick Swayze, will seem a real tragedy of Shakespeare.

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