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20 best science fiction series

Shot from the series "Terminator: Battle for the Future"

Shot from the series "Terminator: Battle for the Future"

The television series based on the Terminator saga saga fans were waiting with a sinking heart. Some were afraid that the show would be just a pale likeness of films, others hoped that the series would breathe new life into the saga that had faded without James Cameron. As a result, they both turned out to be wrong. The “battle for the future” was closed only after two seasons, when its ratings began to fall with a dashing jack, and this convinced many producers of the dubious investment in the new Terminators. However, the show at the same time turned out to be quite successful - certainly more convincing and entertaining than interesting only by the effects "Terminator 3". In particular, Summer Glaue lit in the role of "good" Terminator, and Lene Hideywho played Sarah Connor, the show paved the way for Cersei Lannister in "Game of Thrones».

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