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20 best science fiction series

At first glance, science fiction is a genre that is more suitable for a movie than for television. After all, blockbusters and effects are more grandiose, and the stars are brighter, and the work of inventive screenwriters is paid better there. However, this is only at first glance. Like almost all genres, fantasy only benefits from being able to tell stories throughout many episodes and seasons, and not for one and a half to two hours. And therefore the best fantastic shows compete on an equal footing with the best fantastic films, despite all the budgetary and creative limitations. What kind of serials do we have in mind? Here are twenty of the best, in our opinion, science fiction series of recent decades. Note that in this list there are not several well-known shows (in particular, "Lost"), which are often referred to as fantasy, but which we consider mystic. And more - try not to spy, guess, to what place we put "Guest from the future"!


Red Dwarf (1988) / Red Dwarf

comedy / fantasy

Directed by: Ed Ba, Doug Naylor, Andy De Emmoni, Rob Grant, Juliet May

Starring: Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Chris Barry, Robert Lewellin, Norman Lovett

A shot from the series "Red Dwarf"

A shot from the series "Red Dwarf"

Unlike many of our "hot tens", this twenty is not limited to American projects. Therefore, it opens a cult British sitcom, whose action is developing in the distant future - so far that humanity by then extinct. The only person left in the universe is Dave Lister (Craig Charles), a junior technician of the miner's ship "Red Dwarf", who accidentally spent three million years in suspended animation. Now he is plowing the expanses of space in the hologram company of his former colleague, an eccentric robot, a reasonable on-board computer and an anthropomorphous creature evolved from a domestic cat. Despite their existential loneliness, the characters of "Dwarf" are having such fun that viewers do not want to release them from the screen, and the series has returned to TV three times during its existence after long breaks.

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