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11 best westerns of the XXI century

Until quite recently the western seemed to be a lost genre, entertainment, left far in the past, at best in times Sergio Leone, and at worst - and at all in the "subsonic era". And even the brilliant "Dances with wolves"The situation is not broken, in the 1990-x the western has remained a" lone rifleman ". But the new century gave the genre of power, the western not just revived - just a few paintings of recent years about the Wild West can be considered among the masterpieces. But, as it should be in the era of postmodernity, everything is not so simple here. Some pictures pretend to be Westerns, like a remake of "The Magnificent Seven", But in reality they are" dummies ", and some tapes, like, for example, just released in the rental"Logan"Or a great TV show"Breaking bad", Stylistically from the western is very far, but have that aesthetics for which we all loved movies about cowboys and Indians. We collected a few pictures of people in wide-brimmed hats, released in the XXI century, for which the colonial prairie two hundred years ago would not be ashamed.


Broken Mountain (2005) / Brokeback Mountain

drama / melodrama

Producer: Эн Ли

Starring: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Randy Quaid, Michelle Williams, Ann Hataway

Still from the movie "Brokeback Mountain"

Still from the movie "Brokeback Mountain"

To some extent, the notions of cowboys in the films of the 21st century are not too different from what the filmmakers of the past thought of their heroes - usually from time immemorial Western heroes are distinguished by gloominess, unsociability, and lack of emotion. The more unusual on such a background is the sensuality of "Brokeback Mountain", drama Anga Lee The forbidden love of two cowboys in the Wild West. Straightness of the genre (shoot earlier than the enemy does) in this case gives the plot an extra volume - the cowboy can not and should not hide his feelings and intentions, even if it concerns his personal life. A unique and at the same time exciting "Humpbacked Mountain" makes it exactly feelings, what in other genre films a priori lurks under the thick of templates and labels.

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