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10 movies about air passengers

To shoot a movie in a closed space such as an airplane salon is always a challenge for the director. In conditions of lack of space, it is difficult to put a spectacular action, there is nowhere to turn around the camera and all the time the same faces in the frame. But the more interesting the result. We remembered a dozen "aircraft" tapes, the action of which takes place mainly in the air.


Air Marshal (2014) / Non-Stop

thriller / detective / thriller

Producer: Haume Colette-Serra

Starring: Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Scoot McNary, Michelle Dockery, Nate Parker

Shot from the film "Air Marshal"

Shot from the film "Air Marshal"

The creators of the Air Marshal took advantage of the technical progress to create a tape using the formula of a classic hermetic detective: an intruder is hiding among the passengers of the plane, who blackmails through the closed mobile channel of Bill Marsch, the swallowing federal air marshal present on boardLiam Neeson), claiming 150 million to their account, and promises to kill every 20 minutes per person if the marshal does not dispense the financial issue. The hero of Nison turns out to be a guy not a blunder: for a couple of hours (the rare case when the events of the film are shown almost in real time) manages not only to solve the deadly puzzle by peresherstiv full plane of suspects, but also to establish a shattered personal life. In addition, the marshal makes a dramatic fireplace-out, publicly repented of drunkenness - and if the first two points are still there and there, then this is definitely not everyone can.

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