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10 the shortest Hollywood actresses

High growth for a Hollywood actress is rarely a great asset, but low growth is not very appreciated, as it can create problems for operators. However, a talented woman will not be stopped. What inhabitants of Hollywood more succeeded in obtaining bright roles than in getting goods from the upper shelves? We remembered the ten shortest modern Hollywood actresses.

10. Christina Ricci (155 cm)

Christina Ricci became a star when the schoolgirl was also amazingly embodied the image of Vensdi Addams in the gothic comedy "Addams Family". In the future, her specific appearance, which made Ricci ideal Vensdi, became more a curse than a blessing, but the actress nevertheless continued to withdraw regularly. True, mainly in arthausal tapes like a risky "The moaning of a black snake". Although it can be seen in such blockbusters as "Sleepy Hollow"And"Speed ​​Racer". Now Ricci is working on the series "Z: The Beginning of Everything", which tells about Zelda Fitzgerald, mentally ill to the wife of American literary classics F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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