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Review of the movie "The Dallas Club of Buyers"

The brilliant game of Matthew McConaughey in a boring politically correct biopic about the struggle of AIDS patients for the right to be treated at their own discretion


Texas mid 1980. Electrician, petty cheat, slobbery and homophobe Ron Woodruff (Matthew McConaughey) suddenly learns that his severe cough is a symptom of AIDS and that he does not have more than a month to live. Ron is trying to do self-medication with the help of an officially approved AZT drug, but it gets worse. Then he begins to study medical journals and communicate with doctors. Soon he discovers that there are less toxic and more effective means in the world than AZT, but they are far from being approved by the US authorities. Therefore, Ron imports drugs through smuggling and with the help of his new friend, gay transvestite Rayon (Jared Leto), creates a semi-legal "club" for deadly patients who can pay for foreign funds.

A still from the movie "The Dallas Club of Buyers"

A still from the movie "The Dallas Club of Buyers"

The project of the Woodruff film was developed from the beginning of the 1990. At that time, the main character wanted to play Woody Harrelson

Like moths flying in the light of lanterns, Hollywood again and again rushes to the invocation of the shining real stories and scorch wings when they try to turn these stories into artistic tapes. Why? First of all, because the story, impressive and inspiring in a short newspaper article, often turns into a dullness when it is fanned up to a full-length film. "Texas go broke, fell ill with AIDS, unfolded its life at 180 degrees, mastered medicine and the art of contraband, and then fought for several years with federal authorities, defending its right and the right of other seriously ill patients to be treated as they see fit." Impressive? Impressive. Excites? It's amazing. Is it inspiring? And this, too. Do you now, when you know this story, watch its two-hour version? Is not a fact. Because the film version can not add much to this one and only sentence.

A still from the movie "The Dallas Club of Buyers"

A still from the movie "The Dallas Club of Buyers"

The creators of the picture had so little money to shoot that they were forced to film the entire film with a single hand-held camera

In fact, what is the most interesting thing about the fate of Ron Woodruff? Obviously, the way he managed to be reborn in a matter of months. Before illness, he did not keep books in his hands, blew beer and bets on rodeo. After the illness - became an expert on HIV, opened a business, found a common language with Mexicans, Japanese, Dutch, sued the government ... How was it? How did he do it? How easy was it, for example, to find in Japan a doctor who speaks English and is ready to participate in an illegal transaction? The film does not answer all these questions. He only states that all this happened. As if every fool can, pouring out the Lancet, figure out what not all doctors "cut". And as if in Japan right at the airport there are people with placards: "Approach, Texan, the purchase of experimental pills from AIDS." Woodruff's trial process has been given so little time, as if it were a court in the case of a parking accident. And not a trial on such a complex and ambiguous topic as the use of officially not approved drugs (given that the hero not only swallowed the pill himself, but also traded them).

A still from the movie "The Dallas Club of Buyers"

A still from the movie "The Dallas Club of Buyers"

Someone can say that the film did everything right, having left the "technical" details and focusing on the relationship of the hero with others. But these surrounding themselves (by the way, the tapes invented by the creators, and not taken from life), and the relations with them - a stamp on the stamp. Rayon is the stereotypic transvestite drug addict, Dr. Eva (Jennifer Garner) - the most typical doctor-kindness, Dr. Seward (Denis OXea) - a classic petty tyrant in the pocket of corporations ... These are the characters for the action movie, and not for the psychological drama, which needs much more subtly prescribed characters. Particularly annoying is Rayon - he spends a lot of time on the screen, but uses the plot only to show that drugs are evil and that communication with gays cures homophobia (although from communication with such a gay homophobia will rather develop than disappear). Really it was impossible to think up a hero more interesting?

As a result, the only valid reason to see the "Club" is Matthew McConaughey. The actor, who until recently was considered a cute nondescript, in recent years seemed to have been replaced, and now McChonachy would like to compare not with Ken, Barbie's friend, but with Robert De Niro in his best years. Ron Woodruff - just such a role, which once famous for the master. Awesome physical reincarnation (McConaughey lost weight almost to dystrophy) combined with an impressive dramatic heat and a huge emotional range. In fact, these are several images in one character, as the hero passes through a series of transformations: from sloppiness to the patient, from the sick to the businessman, from the speculator to the almost sacred ... And all these faces of Woodruff are played flawlessly. This is a benchmark game deserving an Oscar. It is a pity that everything else in the film is just a frame for the picture "McConaughey in shock".

Since 27 February at the cinema.

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