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10 best movies about love criminals

In the new Spanish-Hollywood drama "Exercise»International stars Javier Bardem и Penelope Cruz played the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his mistress, the TV journalist Virginia Vallejo. And where else is told about the criminals in love? We remembered the ten best films, where criminal life is combined with a sincere passion.


Run, Lola, run (1998) / Run Lola Run

drama / thriller

Producer: Tom Tykwer

Starring: Frank Potente, Moritz Blaibbrook, Herbert Knaup, Nina Petri, Armin Rode

Shot from the film "Run, Lola, run"

Shot from the film "Run, Lola, run"

German filmmakers have rarely sought international recognition in recent decades, but To Tom Tykwer it succeeded. He conquered viewers around the world with a picture about a girl who in 20 minutes needs to get 100 thousand marks and save her fellow smuggler. The unusuality of the tape is that the heroine, like the video game character, achieves success only after the third attempt. The first attempt ends with the death of Lola, and the second - the death of her boyfriend. The main character played Frank Potente.

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