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2018 year as a gift for fiction lovers

Cinematography is highly prone to fashion, and therefore often there are skews in one direction or the other. Once the audience was impressed by the adult comedy "Hangover", Expect a dozen similar projects in the next year. It worked "paternoster"?" Let's intensely frighten the viewer with ancient stories about spirits and ghosts. Everyone is delighted with the dinosaurs? Paste them into any project, but more! The departed 2017-th became a real punishment for the fans of fiction - if you drop the kinomics and "Star wars", Then there will be nothing to remember, except that"Live"Yes" Blade Runner 2049 ". But the coming year looks much more impressive, and it is possible that the sai-fi will again go into fashion on large screens. Let's see together what fantastic in every sense of the vastness before us will open very soon.

For starters, it's worth putting aside those projects that are addressed not to the fans of the genre, but to the mass audience, even though they are science fiction or a cosmic adventure. In 2018, there are, for example, new "The Avengers"In which a squad of terrestrial superheroes and a few of their cosmic friends will confront the galactic horror of Thanos. Formally, this is, of course, a movie about aliens and space, but on a par with "By Arrival"Or"Strange"It can not be put. Another important project, coming out next summer - spin-off "Star Wars" about Khan Solo. Tape Ron Howard also only nominally can be considered fantastic - like the rest of the saga, the new film lives in its own universe.

Shot from the film "Annihilation"

Shot from the film "Annihilation"

Therefore, we suggest immediately moving to the original releases, which will form a truly fantastic picture of the bright future of the audience. Start with "Аннигиляции» Alex Garland - if you have not read Jeff Vandermeer's book of the same name, then you have very little time left for it. In this fantastic project came together a unique in its depth prose and director, whose debut "Out of the car"Is highly appreciated by science fiction fans. The trailer promises a cadre of incredible beauty and the danger that lies beneath every bush of the mysterious anomalous zone. And yet this is a very feminist picture - the main role in the story here is given to women, but they will play brave travelers to another world Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Lee, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez. A good reason to see the movie.

A still from the movie "Mute"

A still from the movie "Mute"

A little more beautiful, but frightening future. Duncan Jones - another director, whose debut "Moon 2112"Fascinated fans of fiction. On 2018, he is scheduled to go to the screens of the tape "Dumb", A kind of sequel to" The Moon ", associated with the first picture is very dotted - the plot will look even further into the future and tell about the mysterious disappearance of people in a futuristic Berlin. "Silent" is filmed by the video giant Netflix, which means it can not get to the big screens, nor is it the most positive experience "Brightness"Is alarming, but fans are ready to forgive Jones a lot - despite the non-showing cash, he was praised for"Warcraft", and for "Source».

Rare unanimity fans of original films this time meet the restart of the franchise "Predator". The reason for such a good-natured attitude was the writer and director Shane Black, who put his hand to many pictures, from "Deadly weapons"To" Iron Man 3 ". In this case, fans of combat science fiction should not be afraid for the beloved villain from space - the author and actors promise a picture filled with action, blood, Black's trademark humor and unexpected plot moves. About the plot, by the way, so far little is known, but we can note the presence in the ensemble ensemble of several notable names. A fight with an alien at least promises to be boring.

Shot from the film "In captivity"

Shot from the film "In captivity"

And more about the aliens ... The real cult classics of science fiction rarely become large-budget blockbusters, on the contrary, the fans of the genre appreciate innovative ideas, non-trivial plot moves and complex issues resolved by the characters - for all this, not money but talent is needed. All chances to enter the pantheon of masterpieces have a modest production of "In captivity", Filmed Rupert Wyatt for ridiculous 25 million dollars. The film tells of a handful of earthlings living in a suburb of Chicago at the height of alien intervention. About the plot is known little, it is possible that the film will be something to remind "Cloverfield, 10", Especially since the main role in the picture is played by John Goodman, once remarkably hiding from the monsters in the underground bunker. The movie promises to be restrained and even meditative, but in this fantasy has always been able to find advantages.

Before the release of the fantastic film "Particle of God"Remains less than a month, and we still have not seen a single trailer or teaser. In any other case, it would be possible to start sounding an alarm for a long time, they say, have found such that there is nothing even for a short video to cut, but we are dealing with the third picture, the action of which unfolds in the invented Jay J Abramsom of the universe "Monsters", Which means that there are other rules of marketing - based on secrets, rumors and viral Internet hype. Leta will talk about the crew of the international space station, which as a result of experiments reveals the existence of the legendary "Particle of God", which gives birth to life, and then everything goes not according to plan. Well, you remember the "Live", right?

From space travel "To the stars»From the director James Gray waiting for an abundance of action is not worth it, but the tape may well be able to quench the thirst of the audience, waiting from the fiction of not only battles on lightsabers and chasing through asteroid fields, but also philosophy. Before time, you do not need to yawn - the picture tells about the cosmic fleet engineer who goes in search of his father, who devoted himself to the study of distant planets and disappeared more than 20 years ago. The main role will play Bred Pitt, will support it Tommy Lee Jones и Donald Sutherland. I really want to believe that it will not be a new "Passengers", And the modern"Space Odyssey", While the idea looks very intriguing.

And how do you like this project? A research mission gathered from former criminals is sent to distant space, which should study the possibility of using black holes as alternative energy sources, but along the way it is found that experiments on a sexual nature are conducted on the astronauts themselves during the mission. No, this is not a pornographic plot on "Interstellar", This is a synopsis of the joint picture of several European countries"The Higher Life", Directed by a Frenchwoman Claire Denny. In a tape are involved Robert Pattison, De Bruijn topology and Lars Aydinger, it is performed in modest art house decorations and tones, but already claims high cinematographic awards.

But enough about modest productions, what awaits us in the genre of magnificent blockbusters? The first video to "Chronicles of predatory cities"To wait in theaters for almost another year is undoubtedly impressive - magnificent post-apocalyptic landscapes, steampunk, funny costumes and actors that guarantee the quality of the material. The main thing, however, in this project is the all-seeing eye Guillermo Del Toro. Let the famous director and entrust shooting Kristian Rivers, hand of the author "Pacific border"And"Hellboy"Is felt in every frame, and this already means a lot. If the "Chronicle" succeeds (and you can hardly doubt the profitability of the enterprise - the film managed to be rented for "modest" 100 million dollars), then we are waiting for a new franchise, ahead of three more continuation novels.

Shot from the film "Alita: Battle Angel"

Shot from the film "Alita: Battle Angel"

For "Alitou: Battle Angel", On the contrary, one can begin to worry now. A film that James Cameron due to employment "Avatars"Re-entrusted Robert Rodriguez, looks a little childish and naive, while the original anime and manga did not allow themselves to be like that. Involuntarily a comparison with "Ghost in the Shell", Passed in the film distribution is not too successful, but it remains to rely only on the experience and sense of Cameron, according to rumors, strictly controlling every step of the director, accustomed to independent creativity. It is possible that "Alita" will be the loudest failure of the coming year, but we will see the film anyway, right?

Shot from the film "The first player to prepare"

Shot from the film "The first player to prepare"

Of course, we can not fail to mention the main fantasy blockbuster of spring - a futuristic retro adventure Steven Spielberg «The first player to prepare". The project is really unique and extremely inconvenient for the authors - under one roof it was necessary to collect not only a strong cast, but also many artifacts of mass culture and art of the end of the last century. Nostalgic cinema about video games and films of our childhood, the action in which it gathers cosmic speed and plunges into the vast depths of virtual reality, is a serious claim for success. But here there is also a danger: the film, turned into the past, is shot by the director, based on his past successes, as if the audience is not sad.

Impressive, right? And these are only the most vivid projects, and in fact the mesh rental is likely to break into statements simpler and not so ambitious, but in their own way attractive. The year promises to be energetic. The future is very close, and you can look into it very soon, just by buying a ticket to the cinema.

Stay tuned and get fresh reviews, compilations and news about the movies first!

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