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From 4 to 6 in May, the largest cyber sport event 2018 of the year in the CIS took place - the play-off stage of the EPICENTER XL tournament in the discipline of Dota 2. The world-class tournament gathered 8 best teams of the world within the walls of the VTB Ice Palace sports complex, which fought for a prize fund of $ 1,000,000 and 1500 qualifying points for a direct invitation to The International 2018.

As a result of the group stage, which involved 5 teams invited directly and 7 winners qualifications, the playoffs of the first Russian "major" were 8 members: Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, and OG, located in the top grid of the standings, as well as FlyToMoon, Mineski, Team Secret and paiN Gaming, which took the lower one. Judging by the record fixed by video-streaming service, the tournament was simultaneously watched over 311 thousand spectators.

The first day of the battle was 4 match and the group A and B were played. As a result, Na'Vi and Team Secret teams left EPICENTER XL. However, it should be noted that Team Secret showed interesting methods during the tournament, but still it turned out to be weaker than Mineski, which, having won 1: 00, secured its place in the top 6.

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

The first match the FlyToMoon team played in less than 30 minutes, snatching victory from paiNGaming due to an aggressive game and good synergy within the team. It should be noted that FlyToMoon are the only five players in this competition without organization and sponsorship.

But the Russian team was defeated by PSG.LGD, hitting the bottom grid, which was later joined by the OG team. Having a strong captain and a successful draft did not help OG beat the current champions International Team Liquid, which became an early participant of The International 2018.
Players from PSG.LGD and on the second day of the e-sports championship showed excellent results and went to the grand final, having won a victory over Team Liquid and guaranteed a place in the top 2.

Despite the fact that players showed a good game against Mineski, whose series of errors also helped to defeat the team in bo1, the second day of the competition ended with the team leaving the tournament, losing in the third round of the lower grid to FlyToMoon with 0: 2. According to most analysts, came to the EPICENTER XL as an obvious favorite and no one doubted that they would take part in the Grand Final, but the "bears" also have weaknesses.

FlyToMoon also excelled in the first match of the second day in bo1, defeating the OG team with 1: 0, and thus secured a place in the top 4. But OG because of a series of mistakes and a fairly generic game had to leave the competition, taking 5 place.

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

The final of the lower grid and the grand finale of the tournament gathered a huge number of fans from all over the world on the big arena of VTB Ice Palace, who came to support the teams at the first Russian "major" in the struggle for the largest prize fund in the history of cyber sport competitions organized in Russia.

The first card bo3 grand final of the largest and most anticipated cybersport event of the CIS was able to snatch the players FlyToMoon. But the team a little hurried, lost a couple of characters and after a successful start, the victory of the second and third cards went to rivals from Team Liquid, which was a pair of PSG.LGD in the final match.

A good peak, strategically correctly played back the first FlyToMoon card and active support of the hall - all this allowed the team - sensations to occupy more than worthy 3 place.

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

The last and decisive match between the teams Team Liquid and PSG.LGD ended with the victory of the team PSG.LGD. The team received the title of major champion and earned $ 500 thousand and 750 rating points Dota Pro Circuit. European team Team Liquid was in second place and. received $ 200 thousand and 450 points.

PSG.LGD players gained an advantage in the first card thanks to a very powerful draft, however, in the second Liquid equalized the account and returned the match to the format bo3. But PSG.LGD snatched the victory, taking 3 and 4 card in the course of an almost unceasing feat, due to an aggressive game and a successful peak.

EPICENTER is organized by Epic Esports Events, one of the largest cybersport organizations in the world and the leader of Russian computer sports. ESforce belongs to over 180 Internet resources, which reach about 40 million unique users per year. The holding traditionally organized a grandiose show and approached very competently to placing players.
The holders of the YOTA, Phantom Assassin, Puuuuudge and RAMPAGE subscriptions had guaranteed passes for the autograph session, and the holders of the subscription of all other categories could win the ticket in the special drawings and receive additional bonuses.

In addition to the main prize, in honor of the release of the film "The Avengers: War of Infinity" the organizers prepared a truly epic prize for the most valuable player of the tournament - the glove of infinity of Thanos!

The lucky player was the player of the team PSG.LGD fy, whose skill allowed to take the treasure of the titan.

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

Pei-off stage of the tournament EPICENTER XL in the discipline of Dota 2

The competition was held with the support of the companies Valve, Monster Energy, Twitch, HYPERPC and Huomao, and the general partner of the tournament was traditionally the federal mobile operator Yota. Yota is the first Russian brand to actively support e-sports by joining the EPICENTER project in 2016. The partnership has already organized four EPICENTER tournaments in the disciplines of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It remains only to congratulate the winners and wish them success on The International 2018, which will be held from 20 on 25 August in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena, the home arena of the NHL team Vancouver Canucks.

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