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Actors talk about their first kiss and first love in short interviews.

Every year, at the height of the award season, journalist Lynn Hirschberg gathers the main actors of the year in the W Magazine studio and asks them a series of simple and interesting questions. From today's series, we will learn everything about the musical taste of Rami Malek, Margot Robbie's kitchen skills and hear many touching stories about the first kisses.

Rami Malek and Eddie Redmayne talk about the first kiss, the first audition and musical taste

Eddie Redmeinas it turned out, he believes that he has a bad understanding of music, and envies Rami Malekubecause he was in his youth listening to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Eddie shyly admitted that his first purchased album was “Always” Bon Jovi. Eddie spoke about the first kiss with less embarrassment: this happened when he and his classmates at the age of 9 played the bottle. Rami Malek has a story that is not so simple: to kiss a girl, he had to pretend to be a brother (Rami has a twin brother named Sami).

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