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10 main movies of August 2018 year

Do you like planning your trips to the movies in advance? We have prepared for you a list of ten of the most high-profile August prime ministers. This is not a hit parade of "the best of the best", but these are tapes that can interest many viewers.


Gogol. Scary revenge (2018) /

detective / Adventures / thriller

Producer: Egor Baranov

Starring: Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Evgeny Stychkin, Artem Suchkov, Taisia ​​Vilkova

30 August 2018 year

Shot from the film "Gogol: Terrible Vengeance"

Shot from the film "Gogol: Terrible Vengeance"

So the three-part epic of Yegor Baranov came to an end, inspired by Nikolay Gogol's early mystical works. Recall that "Gogol"Was filmed as a television series, but he was shown as an experiment in the cinema, and the huge success of the first series"Gogol. Start"Persuaded distributors to extend the release for a year. «Garrot. Go out"In April he continued the narrative, and" Gogol. Terrible revenge "will complete the story of the adventures of a young writer in Ukraine, during which Gogol allegedly survived much of what he later wrote about. As before, it will be a detective horror involving Alexandra Petrova, Oleg Menshikov, Evgenia Stychkina and other domestic stars.

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