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The history of the most famous mansion in the cinema

Many all sorts of famous houses exist in the cinema. Some of them are the most common buildings chosen because of their typical location. Others have a rich history and without any films. And if we had conceived to solder the textual program "Homes", then the first in the list would go unconditionally Greystone mansion. Why? Now and find out.

Beverly Hills is a fashionable, colorful and expensive place. There are enough busy houses in this city - not entirely dashing mansions, as we are shown in the cinema, but nonetheless. But the 905 house on Loma Vista Drive stands out even against its smart neighbors.

The estate was designed by Gordon Kaufmann (not to be confused with Lloyd from Tromy!), known for working on the Hoover Dam, commissioned by oil magnate Edward Doheny. This gentleman was not only known for his swift success, but also famous as a philanthropist. In 1920's, his name and surname were often rummaged in the newspapers in connection with a typical homem corruption scandal. Twice Doheny was accused of giving a bribe to the US Secretary of State, and twice the charges were dropped. Anyway, the mansion was a gift that the businessman was going to present to his son, Ned. In 1928, the construction was completed, and the next year, Doheny Jr. settled there with his wife and four children.

The estate has turned out to be lovely! Tudor Revival style with capricious slopes of roofs and large windows, 55 rooms located in the 4300 area2, and around 6,5 hectares of lush green lawn, garden and many trees.

But the happiness in such mansions did not last long. Four years after the move, Ned Doheny was found dead. Together with him in the guest bathroom lay the body of his secretary, Hugh Plunkett. The story turned out to be muddy and controversial. Some claimed that Plunkett killed his boss, becoming enraged after refusing to raise, but he caught the bullet and shared the fate of the employer. According to another version, Ned’s gun was the murder weapon: the son of the tycoon had committed suicide after he had shot the secretary. Indirectly, this theory is confirmed by the fact that Doheni Junior was not buried along with his ancestors in the Catholic cemetery, but was sent to the Forrest Lone private goddess in the Glendale town of California. Finally, the third version stated that the killer was a certain third person who shot Ned and Hugh in cold blood and hid at the hands of Californian non-commissioned officers. Lucy, Doheny's widow, grieved-grieved, and again jumped out of marriage and lived in Greystoun to 1955.

In 55, the building passed into the possession of Paul Trausdale, a famous and incredibly successful Tennessee builder. Paul, however, decided that the building was too big for him, and got a less sprawling residence in Palm Springs. And the mansion, by then known as the “Doheni Mansion”, was once again sold.

The industrialist, the millionaire and the philanthropist became a happy owner Tony Stark Henry Crown. Born Krinski, Henry came from a family of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania, plowed as an ordinary worker, but borrowed money for his own steel company and began to drive a serious profit. Crown conceived to shoot a huge film studio: the plan was already ready for the division of territory, and the mansion was preparing for the inevitable demolition. The Beverly Hills newspapers trumpeted invitingly that the beautiful building would soon disappear forever - the cry was so sincere and panicky that the city authorities put a veto on the demolition and bought Graystone. Today the mansion is located in the register of historical landmarks and is used as a public park. Any tourist can relax here under the canopy of trees and listen to the guide, who broadcasts about Greystoun much more and more eloquently than your humble servant.

"Lada, and where does the movie?" - Asks the most astute of readers. In addition to the wonderful regalia mentioned earlier, the Greystone mansion is one of the most frequently used locations in shooting. This house can be seen literally everywhere. Bowling tracks in "Oil»Built inside the spacious hall of Greystone. Kermit's frog's home is Greystone again. Where do you think Norman Osborne lived from?Spider-Man"? This building has a wider filmography than Morgana Freeman! "Gilmour Girls"(Chilton Academy),"Mentalist","Death to her face","Greater Lebowski","The X-Men"(The gates of the Academy of Professor Xavier),"The treasure of the nation","Prestige","The Social Network","Ghostbusters 2","Peak hour","The Witches of Eastwick- and this is not half. Even David Lynch could not resist and took "Eraser head"In the former abode of the Doheni family.

Shot from the TV series "Gilmore Girls"

Shot from the TV series "Gilmore Girls"

Shot from the movie "X-Men"

Shot from the movie "X-Men"

Shot from the movie "Big Lebowski"

Shot from the movie "Big Lebowski"

Graystone is very conveniently located: any cunning filmmaker from Los Angeles can get to the location in any 15 minutes. Appearance (notorious Tudor Revival) also contributes: when you need to remove something British, but you feel sorry for the money for a ticket to Albion, you can always turn to time-tested and Graystone colleagues. About how many clips were shot here (Elton John agrees nods) and how many weddings played (Kirk Douglas will confirm), you can not even mention.

You will be in Beverly Hills - be sure to take a look at Loma Vista Drive. The magic of the movie powerfully stamped this place. Rumor has it, the building is already asking for restoration, but even in the sunset rays of its former glory it looks like all the neighbors are jealous.

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