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10 directors who worked the longest on the movie cycles

There are a lot of popular cinema cycles in the world, and each has its own story. Some cycles regularly change the directors, like the epic about James Bond, while others hold on to successful directors and they are never released. Who is the longest in his film series? We made up a hit parade of the directors, who shot the most films from the famous kinocycles from different countries.

10. Michael Bay - "Transformers" (5 movies, 2007-2017)

Michael Bay on the set of the film "Transformers: The Last Knight"

Michael Bay on the set of the film "Transformers: The Last Knight"

Unlike other participants in our list, the master of the noisy and furious cinema Michael Bay several times tried to get out of the shooting of another series of epics about people and intelligent robots from the planet Cybertron. But he was again and again dragged into this very lucrative project, which, together with the "Mission Impossible"Keeps afloat the Paramount studio. The cycle began with the picture "Transformers", And now the fifth series"Transformers: The Last Knight". Bay claims to have "tied up", but hints that he can return in the future if he is offered a good scenario (and a solid fee).

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