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Review of the movie "The Salesman"

A remarkable and entertaining Iranian psychological drama about an intelligent family that reacts to the invasion of her apartment.


School teacher Emad Ethes (Shahab Hosseini) and his wife Rane (Tarane Alidosti) have to leave the apartment urgently, as their house in Tehran went cracked. A friend of the amateur theater, where Emad and Rana play the leading roles in the production of the play "The Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller, invites the couple to live in the apartment he surrenders. Soon the Etises find out that earlier in the apartment lived a woman of easy virtue. However, they can not immediately leave the apartment with a bad reputation. Once, when Emad lingers at work, Rana, without looking at the peephole, opens the door to a man who turns out to be not her husband but a client of a prostitute. As a result, a woman is hospitalized with a head injury. Since Rana refuses to involve the police, Emad decides to find the criminal himself. He enjoys the fact that the escaped villain in a hurry forgot the keys to his truck.

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

Iranian director Asgar Farhadi works at the junction of art house and entertainment cinema. His realistic dramas are quite amusing and plotful enough to capture "ordinary spectators," and they are subtle, psychological and artistically minimalistic to be perceived as "a movie not for everyone", focused on critics and film fans.

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

The film received two prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, and he was nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Film in a Foreign Language"

Like Farhadi's previous hits "Alley's story"(Prize of the Berlin Film Festival) and"Divorce Nader and Simin"(" Oscar "in the category" the best film in a foreign language ")," The traveling salesman "gazes intently at the souls of Iranian intellectuals from the middle class - people at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations. On the one hand, Emad and Rana strictly observe the rules of Islamic propriety and do so not because otherwise they can be punished, but because these rules are natural and organic to them. On the other hand, they order pizza at home and put on the play of an American playwright in the theater, and their worldview is clearly closer to the West than to the traditional Muslim one. Therefore, when an attack on the wound is wedged into their lives, they do not know what to do.

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

This third picture of Farhadi with the participation of Shahab Hosseini and the fourth picture with the participation of Tarane Alidosti

In the world there are many "scenarios" for those who become victims. Someone completely relies on the state, someone blames himself for everything and does not even think about the criminal, someone personally tries to find and punish the offender. What scenario - Western or Eastern, religious or liberal - would Emad and Rana prefer? And what happens when Emadu succeeds in calculating an abominable but obviously unlucky villain? While in the previous famous Farhadi tapes there were a lot of significant characters, the "Salesman" is focused on the two main characters, and this allows him to track for two screen hours every movement of the souls of Emada and Rana, from the initial shock to the strained finale.

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

Shot from the film "The Salesman"

Another thing is that because of how the picture is arranged, its middle turns out to be somewhat painful, and the minimalist style of Farhadi (the simplest shooting with a hand-held camera, the lack of offscreen music, meager design of the frame) can not keep the audience's attention the way it does in Western mainstream psychological dramas. However, this is a matter of taste, and those who do not like movies when they obsessively manipulate their feelings may well prefer a somewhat detached approach from an Iranian filmmaker telling a difficult story and offering the public to decide how to treat what is happening in the frame.

In any case, the ending of the tape is quite dramatic and unexpected, to compensate for the plot sagging in the middle of the "Salesman". In addition, the film raises interesting questions of morality that you can think about after leaving the room.

Since 2 February at the cinema.

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