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13 improvisations in comic book adaptations

When the next setting kinokomiksa costs the studio a hundred or even a half million dollars, every small detail of the grandiose work should be perfected perfectly, there is simply no place for amateur performance in such projects. However, what kind of art is this, if there is no place for improvisation in it, and no matter how scratched the script, the real big actors and directors will always find the opportunity to add something "from the heart". Sometimes this "gag is imperceptible, at times it is cut at the subsequent installation, but it also happens that the invented on the move cues and actions are a real decoration of the picture. We remembered a few examples of how the simple path or movement, composed, literally, on my knee, managed to paint the most pretentious episodes of comic book adaptations. Moreover, below you will find out that at least two films from the movie Marvel have almost completely surrendered to the will of improvisation and have not lost!


Batman (1989) / Batman

thriller / Adventures

Producer: Tim Burton

Starring: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Robert Wool, Pat Hingle

Joker dance

Shot from the movie "Batman"

Shot from the movie "Batman"

The classic "Batman" Tim Burton - a sample of comic book adaptations of the last century with their caricature villains, magnificent ladies in need of protection, and several naive superheroes, mired in pathos and posturing. Nevertheless, the picture turned out outstanding, thanks to the brilliant work of the two leading actors - Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Nicholson, like the other performers of the role of Joker after him, on the set was completely immersed in the image, seeking any opportunity to demonstrate in the frame the madness of his character. Sometimes the actor even went outside the script, for example, in the scene where the Joker asks Batman his trademark question: "Did you dance with the devil in the moonlight?" Nicholson allowed himself a pair of clumsy pas, showing the sick feelings of humor and taste of a psychopath with an eternal smile on face. Burton from these movements came to real delight.

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