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10 movies, mistakenly called innovative

Most viewers are forgotten by the viewers a month after viewing to be remembered for a longer period, the authors of the paintings have to go on bold experiments, to play unexpected story moves, to search for new characters or ways to impress the viewer with special effects. Only units manage to become system-forming pictures, which then set the tone for hundreds of followers, but far from always these films and techniques used in them are really innovative. Sometimes, some people are more lucky than their competitors or predecessors. Today we want to expose several mistakes related to assigning some films the status of "innovative". Everything was thought up much earlier than it is considered to be ...

The "Night of the Living Dead" had "prototypes"

Shot from the film "The Last Man on Earth"

Shot from the film "The Last Man on Earth"

George Romero, author of the cult "Nights of the Living Dead", He never concealed that the inspiration for his painting was the novel by Richard Matheson" I am a legend ", the same one, in the same film adaptation of which already in the new century played Will Smith. But the film Francis Lawrence - far from the first screen version of the novel, the instigator in 1964 was made by Ubaldo Ragon and Sidney Salkov, who took postapocalyptic horror with Vincent Price starring. It is unlikely that Romero directly stole ideas from "The Last Man on Earth", But some scenes look too similar, for example, the siege of the house where the only survivor hides behind the boarded-up windows, or a breakthrough across the ocean of the ghouls in an attempt to find a safe place. Four years later, these plot moves will be the basis for the success of "Night of the Living Dead", and "The Last Man" will remain in the memory only with a handful of fans of science fiction and admirers of the brilliant Price.

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