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Review of the film “Wife” - one of the main candidates for this year’s Oscar

A faded drama about how a talented woman sacrifices fame and career for her husband and family.


Joanne (Glenn Close) - first-class writer, whose talent no one knows. Almost half the life of all the glory for outstanding work goes to her husband Joe (Price), the writer of the average hand. She edits his novels, and sometimes even writes them from scratch, while her husband is busy with household duties and raising children. At retirement age, Joe is awarded the Nobel Prize in literature and asked to fly to Stockholm. Dissatisfied, Joan flies with him and tries to resist the temptation to tell his truth to biographer Nathaniel (Christian Slateter), who seems to understand who is the main writer in the family.

Frame from the film "Wife"

Frame from the film "Wife"

The aphorism "Behind every great man stands a great woman" is becoming a popular material for the film adaptation - after Berton's "Big eyes"And last year's TV hit"The Amazing Mrs. Mazel»He moved to the" Wife ", one of the main oscar bait'ov year. In addition, literally in a week, a picture with the same introductory ones, but in the entourage of the 19th century, called Colette, will reach the Russian hire. So, the “Wife” seems to be continuing a whole series of monotonous pictures and trying to raise important topics of gender inequality in matters of creativity and fame, but does not even think at least to investigate the problem in any way. For awards, there is still enough high-pitch monologue in an unnecessary flashback that a woman cannot achieve anything in literature in the mid-twentieth century, and this is with the legacy of Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein, not to mention healthy Iris Murdoch, or at least the banal pseudonym.

Frame from the film "Wife"

Frame from the film "Wife"

This is not surprising: the script of the film looks like a first attempt at writing by a novice theater dramatist who decided to make money in films quickly. A vigorous start with a rather original Nobel Prize award goes into a banal family drama: Dad, Mom, I am a dysfunctional family. Types are known immediately: a cheating husband, a stoic wife and a slacker son, eager for parental approval. The latter will later fade into the background, so that the main characters play a melodramatic and forced version of Andrew Hay's 45 Years about senile secrets. Without a drop of irony, with shouts, quarrels, throwing books, slow-mo on dramatic moments and even death after a pathetic remarks, taken, it seems, from a parody of a soap opera. The film reaches its apogee of stupidity (or this is a great meta-irony), when Joan criticizes her husband’s early romance for “pompous dialogues,” and then says: “Just because I didn’t love your novel doesn’t mean that I don’t love you ! ”

To save the film falling into the abyss is supposed to be like the main actors - practically the great Jonathan Price and Glenn Close. The first one is certainly good, but it plays its part on the machine, not trying to dilute the usual reading of the script with psychologism, as does Close. The personal tragedy, hidden behind the devotion to the family, is read in the gestures and mimics of the heroine, but the first 2 / 3 films are hindered by flashbacks added to make the film script look like a theater script. They say out loud everything that she, in fact, tries to show by face, but the final scenes give her a complete blank check. Thanks to him, the Russian movie poster received a loud review of 100% Oscar Close, and the actress herself gave real predictions for the cherished statuette. It will, of course, be a shame if Close receives an award for a not the best role in his career, but, as you know, the Oscar is also Oscar, and besides, no one will see on the shelf what it was for.

From November 22 to the cinema.

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