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42 film, which we can not wait to see in 2019 year

Netflix captures the world, finally you can see the 700-hour “Dow” (first elected, then the rest), Scorsese's farewell project with Pacino and De Niro and many other interesting things. We tell about the 42 movie that we are most looking forward to in 2019, and recommend that you pay attention to them.


Rentals from January 14

Frame from the film "Glass"

Frame from the film "Glass"

The King of the raft twists, M. Night Shyamalan, returned good glory to his name after the release of the movie “Split” and made the audience fidget on the chairs, waiting for the completion of his twenty-year trilogy. Ribbon events originate at the very moment at which Split ended. The person in whom 24 personalities get along, nicknamed Beast, Kevin Crumb and Elijah Price, are trapped in a clinic. Dr. Ellie Staple is trying to convince patients that they are not superheroes, but ordinary mortals. Their “superpowers” ​​are just defensive mechanisms by which they cope with psychological trauma.


The world premiere will be held on January 24 in Paris, the show will go 24 an hour a day without interruption, until February 17

There is an interesting story with the longevity of Ilya Khrzhanovsky: I was already tired of hearing about him all the time, I want to see everything more quickly. The first screening of the 700-hour film will take place in Paris, it will start on January 14 and will go 24 an hour a day without interruption, up to February 17. Viewers can buy a ticket for one day, a week or buy a "visa", which gives the right to watch the entire movie. The shooting of the film started in Kharkov in 2008 and took place during 3 years on the territory of a specially built “park of the Soviet period”. The director tried to erase the line between film production and real life, forcing non-professional actors to live around the clock in the scenery, as well as to dress, work and behave strictly in accordance with the era. In Dow, dedicated to the biography of the Soviet physicist Lev Landau, writer Vladimir Sorokin was a screenwriter. The events of the picture unfold in the period from 1935 to 1968 years.


World premiere of January 25

Shia LaBuff finally reminds us why we all love him so much (or hate him), only he could take a picture of his own childhood and play his father in it. The events of the biopic take place over a decade, from which we learn the history of the complicated relationship between the child star Otis Lort and his cruel and uncontrollable father James, who abused alcohol and later went to a narcological clinic.


World premiere of January 26

Three years ago, an Iranian-born Briton Babak Anvari received an award for “Best Debut” for his “In the Shadow” horror, where he mixed mysticism with a social ethnic drama. His new work, “Wounds,” promises a big bias in genre — the most common New Orleans has replaced the controversial 80's Tehran, instead of a mother forced to raise two children during strong political unrest, a simple barman with Armie Hammer's face. One day, for some reason, he picks up a phone from the stand, which was not worth picking up, and all hell begins to happen in his life.

Velvet chainsaw

On Netflix from February 1

That's the first big project from Netflix, get ready, there will be a lot of them. The new project director "Stringer" about a group of wealthy artists and collectors from Los Angeles, who discover several mysterious paintings owned by an unknown master. Soon supernatural forces begin to cruelly avenge those who let their greed get in the way of art. Starring screen pair "Stringer" Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo, as well as the beautiful Tony Collett. The premiere will take place on the Sundance, and almost immediately the film will fall on Netflix.

Stay tuned and get fresh reviews, compilations and news about the movies first!

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