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Oscar -2019: The main surprises and disappointments of the upcoming ceremony

On Tuesday, January 22, the American Film Academy announced Oscar nominees. We look at the main surprises and surprises that surprised us.

Nomination "Black Panther" on "best movie»

Many were afraid of this, and it still happened. «Black Panther» became the first kinokomiksom, nominated in the main nomination. In my time «The Dark Knight» received a 2 award from 8 nominations, but did without the cherished «best movie». But the movie Ryan Kugler smog! Now the main producer of the MARVEL film festival Kevin Faigi will be signed as a nominee for the award. «Oscar».

Bradley Cooper was not nominated for “The best director»

Country Musical Bradley Cooper с Lady Gaga starring since the premiere was the clear favorite of the premium season. Cooper himself was repeatedly noted for producing, directing, writing the script and acting. The Directors Guild even nominated him in two nominations, “Best Director” and “Best Director-Debutant,” but the Academy, as we remember, does not like actors-directors (hello Ben Affleck!), So Cooper did not make it to the top five.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Let it be without Cooper, but with Greek and Polish

Another loser in the director's nomination was the director of the road movie "The Green Book» Peter Farrell. He was also nominated for the Directors Guild Award, but the Academy seems to have considered it unworthy to nominate the director of the great film "Dumb and Dumber"(Or maybe a problem in a recent scandal - it turns out that Farrelli 20 has quietly shown genitalia on the set of years). However, instead of Farrelli and Cooper appeared Yorgos Lantymos ("A favorite") And suddenly Pavel Pavlikowski ("Cold war"). It turns out, along with Alfonso Cuarone ("Roma") Three foreign directors will be competing for the directorial Oscar.



Bad year for А24

Two years ago, a penny drama from A24 managed to get ahead of the musical "La La Land, Becoming the best film in the opinion of film academics. Last year debut movie Greta Gerwig «Lady Bird"Received 5 nominations. Admittedly, the company had several trump cards this year - a highly-rated horror "Reincarnation", Eco-manifesto"Shepherd's diary"And school drama"Eighth grade».

Nomination received only Paul Schroeder for the script to the "Shepherd's Diary". The question is why A24 did not promote Tony Kollett on the "best female role", Itana Hawka on the "best male role" and the script of Bo Burnham to the "Eighth grade." What to say about the technical nominations - “Reincarnation” could easily compete for a couple of awards.

Actor nominations for «Roma»

Perhaps the main surprise was the presence Yalitsy Aparasio and Marina de Tavira in the nominees for “best female role” and “best female role of the second plan”, respectively. If Aparasio somehow flashed in the premium season, then the name de Tavira was heard by many for the first time.

Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio

I'm sorry, handsome boy Timothy Shalame

It would seem that the young talent quietly goes to the second nomination from the Film Academy for the supporting role in "Beautiful boy”: Before that, he received nominations for Golden Globe Awards, the Actors Guild, Critics' Choice, and BAFTA. Did not work out. Shalame became the only actor this year who received such recognition, but was not awarded by the Film Academy.

«The Ballad of Buster Scruggs» received three nominations

Admittedly, no one expected anything from the western of the Cohen brothers. At the Venice Film Festival film received a prize for the best screenplay, and it seems that this was the last award of the film. However, whether the academicians have a good relationship with Netflix, or love for the brothers brought the film nominations in three categories: “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best Costume Design” and “Best Song”.

"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"

"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"

«Man on the Moon» no better soundtrack

Yet from biopic Damien Shazell waited for more - by “big” we, of course, mean fees. Probably, only they prevented the film from competing for awards in the main categories - we keep in mind that the academy does not like box office dips. However, there is one category in whichMan on the Moon"Should not even fight, but rather win, -" the best soundtrack. Justin Hurwitz Already received recognition at the Golden Globe and the Choice of Critics Prize, but this is apparently not enough for academics.

Failure "Flaming» - success "Works without authorshipAnd Cold War

Masterpiece Lee Chan-Dona was considered the future nominee in the category «best foreign film» - it is clear that there was no chance of winning, but still. However, in the treasured five instead «Flaming» hit German movie «Work without authorship» from the director «The lives of others». In addition, the film von Donnersmark received a nomination for «better operator work». The same category received a Polish film «Cold war» together with the director's nomination of Pavel Pavlikovski.

General trends and sad conclusions

If we talk about the general trends that have presented us with the nominations of this year, then let's remember what we remember last year. Greta Gerwig became only the fifth woman nominated in the category «best director. This year there are no women among the nominees for the best direction, but no one seems to be embarrassed. Although, we have to admit Lynn Ramsey («You've never been here»), Debra Granik («Do not leave a trace») and Chloe zhao («Rider») just deserved to get on the shortlist this year.

Rami Malek, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Rami Malek, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Remember how that year, as they say, without trial Harvey Weinstein и Kevin Spacey were thrown out of the get-together? At the same time the dawn of the TIME'S UP women's rights movement began. This year in the nominees for «best movie» Yes «Bohemian Rhapsody» from the director Brian Singerwho was repeatedly accused of seducing minors, but no one seems to mind that «Rhapsody» hit the coveted eight. The question is, how can a film that was destroyed by critics and which is still marked as the creation of Brian Singer, can fight for the main award? It's simple: «Rhapsody» collected over 800 millions of dollars, becoming the most profitable musical biopic in history. Apparently, the academy is ready to turn a blind eye to everything, if the film has become a box office success.

So it turns out that this ceremony happily closes its eyes to all the trends of the past year. However, new trends were born immediately. While the Cannes Film Festival spits from Netflix, the academy recognizes that the current movie can be released around cinemas - as many 13 nominations prove that have received films of the streaming giant (10 received Roma and 3 - “Ballad Buster Scruggsbut"). In addition, I am glad that the Academy recognizes not only American cinema - the same “Roma” by Alfonso Cuarona will fight for the award among “foreign films” and for the main “Oscar”. “Work without authorship” and “Cold War” received nominations not only in their category, but also technical ones. For a conservative award, this is a big step forward!

Stay tuned and get fresh reviews, compilations and news about the movies first!

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