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Interview with the director of the film "The Bride" Svyatoslav Podgaevsky

Halloween - a holiday not the most Russian, but it has its fans in our country. Especially a lot of them among fans of horror films, because traditionally the distributors in the last week of October try to please the genre novelties, and the creators of new films - trailers and posters. Completion of filming a new horror film "The Bride"And the output of a fresh trailer for the film pushed to talk with the screenwriter and director Svyatoslav Podgaevsky, the author of "The Queen of Spades", A picture that broke the mistrust of domestic horror. What lies in the coffin, than the tape will help "Battle of psychics" and where in Moscow you can plunge into mystical chill - in our interview with the author of "The Bride".

- Svyatoslav, our previous conversation with you, timed to the release of "The Queen of Spades", aroused great interest among the audience. Then we discussed the world of ghosts, your new film is again devoted to spirits and ghosts. Do you go to meet spectators' interests or are ghosts interested in you personally?

- Still, it would be more correct to talk about my interest in this topic. I was interested in working in this direction and on "Possession of 18", And in" The Queen of Spades ", and now. I will be happy if the audience shares this fascination with me.

"Then let's try to get them right now." Tell us, what is this idea with a dead bride?

- Well, dead - we run a little ahead ... It all began with a short note, it seems, in the magazine "Around the World" about a few strange wedding rituals and rituals, when the groom took his bride to a remote province to introduce his family, and his relatives turned out to be, to put it mildly, strange people. This idea interested the group of producers, they turned to me with a proposal to write a script, but this line seemed to me not very interesting, and we tried to connect it with the frightening custom of photographing dead people. The amazing and frightening ritual of photographing the dead, which existed since the middle of the XIX century, pushed us to develop some history, and from here, actually, our dead bride appeared.

- Did you see the real photos of the dead yourself, made as if these people are ordinary living clients of the photographer?

- Yes of course. This is completely open information, a lot of it is told on the Internet, there are entire communities of collectors of such photos. And this ritual was present even in the Soviet Union, almost to the time of the 1980-ies, then, however, the man was filmed already in the coffin, but there were many preserved frames of the beginning of the last century, when the dead were seated and photographed together with living people. It looks strange and scary.

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

- Compared with the "Queen of Spades", the "Bride" changed the composition of the producers and the rental company. Does this mean that the horror in Russia began to be treated more loyally, that they believed in this genre, they want to work with it?

- To a certain extent it is a merit Vladislava Severtseva, many ideas come from him. At the "Queen of Spades" he made a co-producer Georgy Malkov, and in the "Bride" became general. But you are right, some interest has appeared, now cooperation with us no longer looks as risky as, say, five years ago.

- Vladislav Severtsev, as far as we know, is producing the television "Battle of Psychics" ...

- Yes that's right. He is its founder, ideological inspirer and longtime producer.

- Are not you afraid that an ambiguous attitude towards this program can cast a skeptical shadow on your picture?

- No way. In general, I am surprised at such a wary attitude to the "Battle". As far as I know, this is a mega-successful show on TNT channel, for its audience it was done very qualitatively, meets all the requests of the audience for many years. Releasing the "Queen of Spades", we did an advertising cross-promo with the "Battle of Psychics", and the result was very positive, so I have no prejudices, we will continue to cooperate. If someone is afraid that we are connected with the "Battle" plot or stylistically, then, I assure you, this is not so.

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

- In the cast of "The Bride" we noticed a lot of names that were already lit up in your "18 Ownership" and "The Queen of Spades". Do you have such a close-knit team that the actors boldly follow you to any new project?

- First of all, it's interesting for me to work with these people, I'm curious to try them in a new role, with new plot tasks, in new ways. These are actors, they need to be revealed from different sides. And, of course, we become close, start to make friends. I try to work with people who like what we do, with which we have common aspirations.

- We can not but ask the question about shooting in the coffin. Actors do not really like this, they have some complicated rituals in order to prevent "spoiling" and "evil eye". How did you cope with these prejudices on your site?

- Yes, this is a known problem. As far as I know, some of the especially superstitious actors performed some rituals with a bottle of vodka, which should be put together with the actor in the coffin. I acted differently. I cited as an example Uma Thurman, which Tarantino buried in a coffin. None of the actors wanted to yield to Uma Thurman, all the signs were immediately discarded, and we began to shoot.

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

- In the first video to the "Bride" a rather atmospheric old house is shown. Is this a real building or did you build a set in the studio pavilion?

- Yes, this is a real building. I, unfortunately, do not remember its exact name, but this is a manor in Tushino, and we shot in a house for servants, as I understand it, it's not even the main building. So all this is in Moscow, everything exists, everything is absolutely real, you can see it yourself, touch it with your hands.

- How did you get inside with the crew?

- The house is only called a "servant's house", in fact it is quite large. Of course, we wanted a bigger building and more spacious for shooting needs, and the number of rooms and their sizes initially did not suit us very much, so we had to work with our own hands in some places. In addition, that inside we redesigned it for the period of time that we needed for the film, we actually restored this house. In Soviet times, he was converted to a hotel with all the relevant attitude to the floors and walls - we put the building in order, updated it, and then a little "aged". Part of the shooting took place around the building in the adjacent park, something was filmed in the studio, but not too much.

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

- After working on "The Queen of Spades," you confessed to us that you do not consider yourself yet a sufficiently sophisticated horror director. Now, when the shooting of "The Bride" is completed, do you feel that you have gained sufficient experience in this field?

- No, I still can not say that I have learned everything. Constantly there are some discoveries, almost every new solution has to be thought over for a long time, not everything can be formally transferred from one film to another, although some things in foreign films seem to be made easily and simply.

- Do you follow the films of your colleagues?

- Oh sure.

- Something you can say about the Russian paintings "Diggers"And"The itinerary is built", For which your" Queen of Spades "was a pass to the big screen?

- The film "The Route Is Built" as a creative producer was made by my friend Ivan Kapitonov, so I read the script and knew how the plot would turn out, but Oleg Asadulin managed to surprise even me. I have not seen Diggers yet, alas.

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

"And are you afraid of something mystical?"

- No, I'm a pragmatic person, so I did not notice any irrational fears for myself. Life without mysticism is full of amazing things, although it's incredibly exciting to show fears in movies.

- Work on the picture "The Bride" is completed?

- Yes. We shot all the complicated production scenes left to the very finals, all the tricks. Now the tape is already on the editing table, there is a painstaking work of postproduction.

- Are there many graphics in the film?

- The very minimum. Of course, now no computer has been completed without a single film, but we try to use graphics only for small sketches, only auxiliary functions. We will only frighten real people.

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

On the set of the movie "The Bride"

- Can you, as a director who has already shot several genre paintings, give some advice to those who want to break through with their ideas in the big cinema? Why would the future Carpenter and Argento begin?

- The recipe here is one - to work, work and work. No one will pay attention to you if you have nothing to show. In any genre, in any field, you need to move forward step by step, offering your scripts, shooting short films, then this movement turns into a snowball - you come up, do, show someone, and you will be noticed. New ideas, names and faces are always in demand, you just need to fight for your future.

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