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8 worthy, but unpopular sequels of famous movies

We all know that sequels are often bad. Slightly less often they are good, and sometimes not inferior to the original - remember some "Strangers"Or the second"Addams Family". Such continuations can bring to history something new, and sometimes completely take it to a completely different level. The second "Terminator"That's a vivid example.

But there is another type of sequel - the rarest and the most unfair, or something. These are films that in themselves deserve attention, but simply can not get out of the shadow of an outstanding original. Just about such continuations, we want to talk today. Especially since some of them you could not hear anything at all.


2010: Space Odyssey (1984) / 2010: The Year We Make Contact

detective / Adventures / thriller / fantasy

Producer: Peter Hyams

Starring: Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban, Cyrus Dally

Shot from the film "Space Odyssey 2010"

Shot from the film "Space Odyssey 2010"

In 15 years after the release of the grandiose "Space Odyssey» Stanley Kubrick studio MGM decided to release a sequel to the classic sci-fi drama. Fortunately, the material was not a problem: the author of the original novel, Arthur Clarke, wrote XIUMX "Odyssey Two" back in 1982.

Of course, there was no question of any participation of Kubrick: the director was so disgusted with the very idea of ​​the sequel to the Odyssey, that he even destroyed all the models of ships used in the film. True, the studio-hired artisan Peter Hayams Together with the brigade, he was able to restore the props from the photos and take off his "Space Odyssey", now with the addition of "2010".

He got a solid and far from stupid movie, which, of course, can not compete with the original, and does not really try. If Kubrick's film was noticeably ahead of time, then "2010" is a quality product of the era, nothing more. To the Russian viewer the picture should be especially interesting, because here for some time domestic scientists are presented in a positive way and some of them even play Russian actors. In particular, Saveliy Kramarov and his friend Ilya Baskin (Mr. Ditkovich from "Spider-Man» Sam Raimi).

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