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10 best kinomusiklov based on hits of past years

Like operas and operettas, musicals are, as a rule, works with specially written songs and music for them. But there are so-called "jukebox musicals", built around popular hits in the past. A new romantic British musical "Walk in the sunlight", For example, includes such famous 1980 songs as It Must Have Been Love by Roxette, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cindy Lauper and If I Could Turn Back Time Cher. Who else used this technique? Here are ten, in our opinion, the best jukebox kinomusicles released in recent decades.

10. «Mamma Mia!»(2008)

A still from the movie "Mamma Mia!"

A still from the movie "Mamma Mia!"

If the pictures were ranked according to their collections and the popularity of the hits that sounded in them, the romantic comedy Phyllids Lloyd, probably, would be beaten out on the first place. 610 million dollars of world fees and all the best songs of the Swedish supergroup ABBA is the most powerful application for victory. But in addition to the obvious merits (bright stars, great music, sunny atmosphere!), "Mamma Mia!" There are obvious shortcomings. First, it is too flat and problem-free cinema. Even the Roma needs some drama. And secondly, Pierce Brosnan sings so horribly that in 2008 many critics competed in inventing pejorative epithets for its execution. And they only occasionally bent the stick.

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