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10 most treacherous betrayals in the cinema

Adventure cinema abounds in deception and betrayal, and viewers like to be on the side of good guys who gracefully deceived the villains or tore into their confidence for the purpose of subsequent destruction. And usually the authors give the viewer the opportunity to experience all stages of the embodiment of insidious ideas into reality. But it also happens that betrayal is a real surprise, such plot twists are very personal, because we managed to get some sympathy for the heroes who turned out to be scoundrels. We recalled several examples of how the betrayal turned out to be so unexpected that it turned into a significant part of the memories of the movie that was watched.


The Godfather II (1974) / The Godfather: Part II

drama / thriller

Producer: Frensis Ford Koppola

Starring: Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, John Casale

Fredo Corleone

Shot from the film "Godfather 2"

Shot from the film "Godfather 2"

The elder brother of Michael Corleone Frederico could easily become the head of a large family, but he did not have enough strength or intelligence to do this. Fredo is driven out of the family business, and his offense can be understood - Michael, in his opinion, took what is rightfully his only one. An inflamed sense of injustice causes Frederico to strike a deal with the mortal enemy of his family and hand Mike Heiman Roth out. The severity of this betrayal was so great that Michael decides to deprive his brother of life. Yes, it is a mafia, and here in similar games do not play also similar offenses do not forgive. And family ties in this case are an aggravating circumstance, and not an excuse.

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