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For what everyone is so fond of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal

Exactly 38 years ago, the main workaholic of Hollywood was born on this day - Jake Gyllenhaal. And this title is quite justified, because Jake has been in the movies since 11 years. For all this time, he appeared in a huge number of dramas, horror and blockbusters, some of which even managed to get cult status.

Many remembered him as the gloomy Donnie of "Donnie Darko", Others laughed at the eccentric Holden in"Good girl", And the third wept with Jack in"Brokeback Mountain". One thing we know for sure: each of us, Jake broke his heart at least once, and then gently gathered him back.

Today we celebrate the birthday of the actor and remember why we love him so much:

For attitude to animals

Jake is a big animal lover. Now he has two dogs, whose name is Atticus (German Shepherd Dog) and Boo Radley (mix of pug and beagle). Both dogs were orphans until our birthday man entered their lives. Atticus was taken to the animal rescue service in 2002. At that moment, Gyllenhaul still met with Kirsten Dunst, it was she who persuaded him to take the puppy home. Soon, the couple broke up, and Jake was left alone. In 2005, Atticus appeared brother from another mother - a mongrel named Boo Radley, whom the actor took from the orphanage. Since then, these three have not parted. Jake has repeatedly admitted that he learned a lot from his little friends.

One day, an actor took part in an auction of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. Together with other celebrities, he left his invaluable painting on a souvenir bone for dogs, which was then sold at a charity auction. At the event, Gyllenhaal appeared in the company of his four-legged pets.

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