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Drug Addiction 7 Movies You Have Not Watched.

Today the rental goes "Beautiful boy"- a touching film adaptation of the memoirs of journalist David Sheff about how he saved his son from heroin addiction. On this occasion, 7 collected unusual films about drugs for those who are tired of revising "Requiem for a Dream","Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"And"On the needle».


Return Ben (2018) / Ben Is Back


Producer: Peter Hedges

Starring: Julia Roberts, Lukas Hedges, Courteney B. Vance, Catherine Newton, Rachel Bay Jones

Shot from the movie "Return Ben"

Shot from the movie "Return Ben"

Quite ironic: last year Timothy Shalame и Lucas hages played the main character's guys in "Lady Bird”, After which both reincarnated in young people with drug addiction. “Return Ben” was shot by Lucas father, Peter. This is a fictional story about a young guy who, on Christmas, runs away from a rehabilitation center and returns home to his mother. She has a day to save her son, who seems to have conceived something amiss.

In the movie from 7 February.

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