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15 screen incarnations of Dracula

Of all the popular movie heroes, again and again appearing on the screen, Count Dracula is the most diverse. We almost always know what to expect from the new Sherlock Holmes or James Bond. Dracula is completely unpredictable. Will he be young or old, handsome or ugly, militant or peace-loving? Even his vampire abilities vary from film to film, and he sometimes spends a lot of screen time as an ordinary person. In the new blockbuster "Dracula", For example, the title character is not a villain with centuries of experience, but the noble ruler of Wallachia Vlad III who concludes a treaty with a great evil in order to save the country from the Turks. What else during his nearly a century of film history appeared before the audience the famous vampire? Having overspread his filmography, we selected fifteen of Dracula's most famous and most bizarre and entertaining incarnations.

Shot from the film "Nosferatu. Symphony of horror »

Shot from the film "Nosferatu. Symphony of horror »

An interesting feature of Dracula as a character is that not all of his movie incarnations were called Dracula. So, the German creators of the first famous adaptation of the novel by Bram Stoker could not acquire the rights to the book, and therefore the nightmare-ugly hero of the silent film Friedrich Murnau called the Earl of Orlok. Although it was definitely Stoker's Dracula. Is that reflected in the mirror and dying from sunlight. The latter feature later became typical of the images of Dracula, although in Stoker's book the villain was quietly walking in broad daylight. About the performer of the main role Max Schrecke later there was a rumor that he was so ugly that he almost did not need a makeup for Orloc's image. However, this was not the case. Shrek's "usual" photos show that he was heavily dressed for shooting.

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