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12 most expensive items of film requisite

Совсем недавно мы told you about those subjects of the film props that can be seen in just a few scenes. Today we decided to devote our top to those things that came out of circulation, and went out for very large sums of money. Certainly, some religious "knick-knacks" from all the most beloved paintings to get into their collection, many want, but not every fan of the cinema can afford it. We chose a dozen of the most expensive memorable gifts from the set, and you decide for yourself whether they are paid money or not.

Pistol Rick Deckard


Blade Runner (1982) / Blade Runner

thriller / fantasy

Producer: Ridley Scott

Starring: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, M. Emmet Walsh

Shot from the film "Runner on the Blade"

Shot from the film "Runner on the Blade"

270 thousand dollars - so many sellers of the most expensive cinematic weapons. The main hero's gun is a fantastic noir Ridley Scott "Runner on the blade" most recently entered into a correspondence fight with the blaster Khan Sol from "Star Wars". Ironically, both lethal devices were in the hands of the actor Harrison Ford, which added "competition" an additional dimension. Initially, experts preferred the props of the saga George Lucas, but for the blaster auction gained "only" 200 thousand dollars, while for the pistol of the Deckard a real battle unfolded, doubling the estimated price of the item. Alas, most likely, the gun does not appear in the planned sequel to "Blade Runner", but hopes remain.

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