8 new movies that you can watch online this weekend

The weekend is in full swing, but there is no desire to leave the house? Familiar story! We decided to make a short review of the new films, which you can already see on the streaming services

Подборки фильмов

Mary Magdalene
Maria Magdalena (2018)
Mary Magdalene
Producer: Hand Davis
Starring: Rune Mara, Joaquin phoenix, Civitel Ejiofor, Tahar Rahim, Ariana Labed
Premiere: April 5 2018 years

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Scene from the movie "Mary Magdalene"

Scene from the movie "Mary Magdalene"

Despite the fact that "Mary Magdalene" was released in April, you can watch the tape online (naturally, legally) only now. Drama Garth Davis takes us to biblical times and introduces Mary from Magdala - a loving daughter and a caring sister who helps with housework, walks to the temple (when it is necessary) and tries to understand what its purpose is. She does not really want to marry and give birth to children, which is why Maria's brother Daniil thinks that, since she is so categorical in this matter, it means that the girl is exactly possessed by demons (some, by the way, still think so). To heal Mary of the "disease", Daniel brings home miracle worker and 12 of his disciples. So begins a great story, familiar to all who have ever discovered the New Testament. Rights, a look at it more fresh than most churches, who, not much reading into the scriptures, wrote Mary into harlots. The only drawback of the picture is a clumsy production of Garth Davies, with his characteristic pathos dialogues and meaningful views killing sincerity. But from Rooney Mari и Hoakin Phoenix Eye-catching.

11.08.2018 Text: Ekaterina Carslidi
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