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Review of the film "Demon inside"

Minimalistic, but very effective horror, going on the verge between psychology and naturalism, which is slightly summed up only trying to explain everything in the finale.


Father and son Tildena - pathologists living in a large country house, converted to a morgue. One evening they bring the corpse of an unidentified girl, found in the basement of the house where the massacre occurred - the sheriff does not know how to link it with other victims, so he urgently needs to find out the cause of her death. Even a cursory examination of the body hints that it will not be easy to understand here, and the further, the more strange and dangerous the process of autopsy becomes.

A still from the movie "Demon inside"

A still from the movie "Demon inside"

Initially, the role of the older Tilden was considered Martin Sheen, but the actor could not escape to the shooting because of the busy schedule

"Demon inside" not accidentally received an exceptionally good press even before his release - for the director André Ovredalja this is a warm-up before going out to the "highest Hollywood league" (before that he shot in Norway a mocumentary horror "Troll Hunters"), And actors level Brian Cox и Emily Hirsch it would hardly have been possible to involve in a project that has nothing for its soul. These three are a great success movie, the vast majority of which revolves around the autopsy table. After all, in spite of the fact that in the final part of the frame a couple of "terrible faces" are still flashing, in general, horror is being pushed in much more subtle and nontrivial ways, and acting and directing are their basis.

A still from the movie "Demon inside"

A still from the movie "Demon inside"

In general, the work of pathologists in horror films is somehow undeservedly bypassed - yes, from time to time the morgue workers send a kind of Jason Vorhiz to life again, but in the "Demon inside" we will be shown the process from and to, in all its details . Tilden slowly, following the protocol, inspect the body and at every step come across some strange things. The girl has shattered ankles and brushes, her tongue is torn off, and traces of torture are seen in the vagina, but there is not a single bruise on the body. When you try to make an incision, blood flows, but this happens only if the corpse is "fresh", and this is not the case of an unidentified girl. And the strangest will begin, when pathologists will get to internal organs.

A still from the movie "Demon inside"

A still from the movie "Demon inside"

In parallel, the supernatural events begin in the morgue itself, the radio goes crazy, and a terrible thunderstorm begins in the street, because of which electricity is cut down in the house, and the door to freedom is jammed with a fallen tree. Now the unfortunates are locked one on one with something unknown, and I want to note how convincingly and dexterously in the picture this moment of transition from a rational type of thinking to an instinctuality is played, "I know that this can not be and it's just a corpse, but come on it is better to bring down from here. "

In addition to Hirsch and Cox in the film, there is a third participant - an actress Olwen Kelly, which the whole film simply lies completely naked on the table, but at the same time inspires such a dense, genuine horror that at the end of the frequent static plans of her deathly pale face she already wants to squint. Unfortunately, it is this plot's passivity that leads to the fact that in the last act the heroes begin to "think out" the missing parts of the puzzle independently, pronouncing out loud what, in principle, no one really needs - without any explanations, especially so drawn for ears, all this would look no less ominous and frightening.

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