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12 most impressive super abilities

Let's be honest with each other: everyone dreams of possessing some super abilities. Someone dreams to be invulnerable, and some - invisible, someone wants to be able to pass through the walls, and someone - to move at the speed of light. A wide range of such dreams were first realized by comic authors, and then by filmmakers. The greatest number of amazing superheroes gathered under the wing of the franchise "X-Men". However, on the eve of the release of the new movie "X-Men: Days of Future Past"We decided to recall which of the heroes of other films impressed us more than others with their superpowers, and collected a small army capable of resisting mutants.

Simple at first glance, the task of this top unexpectedly stumbles upon a very interesting paradox: most of the most famous movie superheroes do not possess super abilities or the origin of their skills is artificially. Indeed, Batman is "just" an inventive millionaire, Iron Man is a philanthropist in a flying suit, Green Lantern is the owner of an alien gadget, and Black Widow is a trained secret agent. And yet, without heroes who possess supernatural talents, it would be quite sad. Our choice is imperfect, as any army, consisting of bright individuals, is imperfect. But it literally sparkles!


Superman (1978) / Superman

thriller / drama / Adventures / fantasy

Producer: Richard Donner

Starring: Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidd, Marlon Brando, Ned Beatty

Superman - the ability to turn back the clock

Shot from the movie "Superman"

Shot from the movie "Superman"

Open our list was honored, perhaps the most popular superhero of America - Superman. Perhaps, taking him aboard our team is not entirely fair, after all, Kal-El is an alien, but eventually he became so close to the people of the Earth that in many ways was more human than the natives of the third planet from the Sun. Superman has a lot of talents, but the most vivid impression of the films with his participation for us was a time management trick. In film Richard Donner The soup fell into the trap set by Lex Luthor, and when the world seemed to have been threatened with an imminent catastrophe, it was forced to turn back its super-speed. Hurrah Hurrah! We are all saved!

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