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Review of the movie "Crimson Mint"

Late for the viewer years on the thirty-pass militant about the avenger, who returned to punish the mafia for the death of her husband and daughter.


Five years ago, in the aftermath of the drug mafia, Riley North, a modest bank employee, at one point lost the meaning of life - the bandits killed her husband and only daughter. The law could not restore justice - the killers were at large, and Riley herself was almost locked in a psychiatric hospital, but the woman fled and disappeared from police radar. Now, after gaining combat skills and having acquired a whole arsenal of weapons, Riley returned to Los Angeles to administer justice. And the objects of her revenge were not only the immediate killers of her relatives and their bosses, but also a law enforcement system that refused to take the side of good in due time. Only a couple of cops investigating the killing of the Nortes, in the depths of their hearts, support the actions of the avenger, but they have to open a hunt for her on duty.

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

Many years ago Kozma Prutkov compared a certain type of people with sausages. Of course, the classic in his statements was harsh, but certainly right - each of us in the end is a product of the synergy of education, education, immersion in a certain environment and the influence of the environment. Is it any wonder that in the cinema the originality is less and less common, and perhaps in every picture it is easy to read the influence of masters and artisans of the past? However, this influence is used in its own way. Someone rises higher "on the shoulders of giants," and someone repeats someone else's cheap tricks, hiding behind them the lack of their own talents. French director Pierre Morel, with all due respect to "Publishers", You can not call a pillar of cinema. Rather, he is a distorted reflection of his recent patron Luc Besson.

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

To "Crimson Mint" it is difficult to take at least some seriousness. The viewer has enough synopsis to understand: before us is another "Thirst for death", with an obvious string and predictable finale, which is incapable of interest. And this skepticism is justified, the cinema really does not shine with cunning script decisions or at least some developed characters. Characters here are monochrome, the appeal of the mummy from the suburbs to the deadly fury is shown in dotted lines in a five-second flashback, and any riddles are not worth it to wrinkle their foreheads. It seems that the script is written by the machine according to the simplest algorithm: there are cunning villains, there is a positive heroine, there are corrupt cops, but there are faceless pawns of the mafia and corrupt court, which it is not a pity to crumble into cabbage. Nothing superfluous, simple direct moves.

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

Previous role in the action movie for Jennifer Garner was the image of the CIA medical expert in the "Kingdom" of Peter Berg, released 11 years ago

Even a provocative line with the approval of the actions of the avenger by ordinary residents of the city is not particularly original - this, if you want, reference to superheroes and comic characters. Rileys devote their graffiti to street artists, on the streets it is called "Angel", because it protects the weak, while the cruelty of the heroine in relation to those whom she considers unworthy of life, is amazing. Where is Batman, Spiderman or Superman - Knight prefers a shot in the face at close range, and not these your amusing captures with the subsequent transfer of bandits to cops. Morel, unfortunately, left the moral aspect of revenge behind the brackets, although this would be particularly interesting. Where is the boundary between the restoration of justice and obsession, between justice and cruelty, between the Defender and the Punisher? But do not wait for depths, "Crimson Mint" - not about thought, but about actions.

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

Shot from the movie "Crimson Mint"

Attentive viewers have already calculated that the heroine of Jennifer Garner kills a person in the film 43, and only five of them die behind the scenes, the death of others is shown in all "glory"

However, the action is far from great. Some innovative or elegantly elegant, as you learned to do in recent years, action scenes can not be called. Yes, there are a couple of skirmishes with an abundance of characters and elaborate choreography, but the lack of real inspiration with the head produces chopped editing and an abundance of scenes with understudies. Alas, Jennifer Garner and did not get rid of the "Electra complex", and a new "Atomic blonde"Or the female version of"John Wick"It did not work out - in conversational scenes the actress looks more confident and authoritative. Against this background, the shootings fade, and the fights turn into comical fisticuffs, as if inserted into modern cinema from cheap fighters of the middle of the 80. So do not count on the fondness of the same "Hostage" or the brutality of the "Law-abiding Citizen". This is more the level of the criminal drama of the television format, where in the final there will certainly be a one-on-one fight and an obvious victory of "good" over "evil" after a series of knockdowns.

The output of the "Crimson Peppermint" is unlikely to be captured by someone involved in the asset. Jennifer Garner is to abandon the idea of ​​returning to action, it's not her, John Gallagher, Jr. clearly can do better. A Juan Pablo Rabe henceforth it is necessary to avoid such frank hackwork. But the most insulting thing here is for Morel, who vividly declared himself "13"And" Hostage ", and then" rolled "to the faded"Ganman"And" Crimson Mint ". It seems that Besson's influence on him turned out to be too strong - he squandered his own money, and the stranger uses clumsily, which again brings us back to Prutkov, but with his unforgettable passage about the fountain.

Since 13 September at the cinema.

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