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How and why "Fast and Furious" became a cult

"Fast and Furious" - an amazing movie. Each new part passes through the press court, during which every (well, almost) film critic considers it his duty to put as many syringes with potassium chloride into the picture, so that every reader gets it: "Fast and Furious Number X" is a bad movie. In nothing obscure nonsense, the franchise is accused by viewers, even those who never gave preference to "smart" tapes. And the picture itself does not hide that it, in fact, is an exploit, only expensive, washed and laminated. So how did the franchise manage to survive 16 years? Many other movie cycles are exhausted before our eyes, and "Fast and Furious" not only does not think to end, but also grows spin-offs. The army of admirers continues to grow, and the total box office displays films about Dominica Torreto's companions in the top 10 most lucrative film franchise, allowing the X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and other "Hunger Games" to be pushed in. How?! If you ever asked this question, then welcome to the club. Start your V8 (or whatever you have there under the hood), and go.

Sleeping giant

The very first "Fast and Furious"Was released in 2001 year. He was kind of written to become an ordinary summer militant, not burdened with radiant hopes. Well, judge for yourself: in the director's chair - Rob Cohen, the director of strong and unpretentious genre production. The budget is 35 million, which by the standards of the militant is quite tight. In the forefront are entirely second-class names: behind the shoulders Diesel Wines was only "Black hole"(A cult picture, but not a trump card), Paul Walker generally known as nouneym, which some only knew by "Skulls"The same Cohen, while others remembered from school times on the backstage in"It's all she"Or"Student team". A Michelle Rodriguez and now do not play too much about the main roles. However, "Fast and furious" (for some time localized the name sounds more original) became a dormant hit: street racing pokatushki collected almost 145 million dollars in the US native, and the world's rental brought this amount to $ 207 million. What the hell?

As always, the main thing is to be at the right time in the right place. For "Fast and the Furious" time was perfect, and it is connected with the so-called tuning culture. On the East coast, tuning (what is now called the "collective farm") prospered (and was generally in a trend) and began to penetrate into "Middle America". It is already hard to recognize what was before: a chicken or an egg. That is a fact: almost every second (conditionally) boy wanted to attach a spoiler the size of a coffee table to his old father Honda Civic and could do it for a couple of hundred dollars. But whether it was a reality that influenced the film, or "Fast and Furious" became the starting point for a fashionable chip - a big question. In any case, the subject of quarterly races on the old "Civic" and "suprah", pomaded and so, and so on, and even with hot girls, and even with the classic Dodge Charger 70 year, and even with three letters NOS, unambiguously hinting , that the owner equiped his "bucket" with the nitrous oxide injection system, fired. And around these haypov images there was a spirit of rebellion, unerringly read by any teenager. It is not accidental: up until today, Torreto and his code are anti-heroes who are at odds with the law and live by their own rules. But we are running ahead - in the first "Fast and the Furious" House, Letty and others are the real criminals, but their code of conduct and lifestyle are so attractive that even the FBI agent begins to hesitate (and when Mia Torreto cozily settles on the scales, Brian's moral values O'Connor is falling ozon dead rotten feet). And in the first film this spirit of resistance, rebelliousness, alternative is felt the most.

Shot from the movie "Fast and Furious"

Shot from the movie "Fast and Furious"

A bright picture combined with an impressing message, a cheerful and eclectic soundtrack (hip hop artists like Ja Rule, Scarface and Petey Pablo were getting along peacefully with the heavier brigades Molotov, Dope and Saliva), coupled with trendy street racing shone with a light bulb too bright for spectators- moths could resist it. And the reasons are not just this.

Vin Diesel knows how to act, but best of all he succeeds in the same image. This image is so captivating that it is sold under different names in completely unrelated films. A huge skinhead with a nice looking face and a rumbling voice, which can be crammed under the feet of enemies and brains in a difficult situation to strike. The character always lives on the brink, but it does not upset him at all, and in any incomprehensible situation it is accepted to pour one liner or infernal character, or in the spirit of hardcore punk (the main thing is family and bratyuni). This was Richard B. Riddick (Dick Riddick - a strange name for an anti-hero, but it worked), such was Xander Cage, and this was and is Dominic Torreto. Surprisingly, the face of Vin Diesel gives an empty, cardboard image almost stone monolithic, and his animal charisma allows you to dispense with serious challenges to acting abilities. It does not matter if Diesel is sitting behind the wheel of the "charger" or just standing by the barbecue - the message comes immediately and without words: in front of you - a cool dude. Against this background, enough wooden Paul Walker and his anti-charisma look very pale, but this contrast "Fast and the Furious" manages to draw to himself for good.

All of the above, flooded in an 106-minute chrome form of the action movie, gave the viewer exactly what he needed. And a modest single shooter gradually turned into a giant franchise. In the stream, not only "Fast and the Furious" hit: he was actively playing on trendy moods. Need For Speed ​​Underground got such feedback that he set the tone for the arcade races for several years in advance: "zaklhozhennye" European and American workhorses (instead of premium and sports cars) are chasing the streets a megacity with the same drivers.

Powerslide or drift?

Two years later the sequel "Форсажа"With the degenerate name 2Fast 2Furious, because of which Vin Diesel refused to return to the role of Dominic (in fact, the actor simply asked for a fabulous amount of fees). The picture doubled the budget, and all responsibility fell on Paul Walker and Tyrise Gibson. The absence of Torreto strongly affected the plot of the picture, but this did not stop her from stuffing an excellent cash register. And most importantly - it is in the sequel that you can see hints of what the franchise will turn into in the future. The drift-races disappeared from the narrative, and in their place a fresh story about how two friends are trying to squeeze a drug baron in not quite the usual ways has risen.

A still from the movie "The Fast and the Furious"

A still from the movie "The Fast and the Furious"

Since Vin Diesel from the project was eliminated, Rob Cohen sensed that he could not cook the porridge without him, and he also withdrew. Directed by the director John Singleton - not the last person in Hollywood, who started his cinematographic activity with "Street guys"And there and then almost did not grab two" Oscars "for the script and the production, but was not lucky. From such a person, you could safely expect some interesting moves and an author's visual. However, Singleton tried to withstand the "Double Fast and Furious" in the spirit of the original, and if you did not peek in the credits, you would never guess the name of the director. By the way, this became one more feature of the cycle: whoever is behind the wheel, the overall style and atmosphere is always more important than the director's personal vision. Certain details, of course, are added, but in general the principle "part of the team - part of the ship" operates here. Therefore, in the sequel all the same eight-cylinder classics go ("Camaro" 69 and "Challenger" R / T 70-go) and fashionable drawings from Mitsubishi - Eclipse Spyder and Lancer Evolution. And so that the viewer does not get bored without Mark Vincent (real name Diesel), he was added a humor, for which there is an absurd character of Tyriz Gibson and a famous rapper Ludacris. And, of course, cars without girls - money to the wind (only Rob Zombie do not say), so instead of fighting and harsh Michelle Rodriguez and ambivalent Jordan Brewster in castes entered streamlined Eva Mendes и Devon Aoki with the external data of a resident of Jupiter.

Critics again uncovered old insults such as "idiocy" and "cellulose", the film again worked properly at the box office (236 million dollars), and the producers again started talking about the continuation. And then strangeness begins.

By all the signs, "Tokyo Drift"Was to send the franchise to DVD and bury all thoughts of gatherings and mansions in the prestigious areas of California. From the trickle went all the heroes and sunny locations of Los Angeles that we are familiar with. The action moved to exotic Japan, with which most Americans have no points of contact, and the main role was taken by the most controversial actor (it would be steeper only Jesse Eisenberg) - Lucas Black. When his character Sean Boswell with his innocent eyes and smile, Homer Kuchi emerges from the car, symbolizing the first guy in Edo - it's indescribably funny. And the whole script is frankly ridiculous.

Shot from the film "Tokyo Drift"

Shot from the film "Tokyo Drift"

Although "Tokyo Drift" is customary to scold even among fans of "Fast and the Furious", the movie catches two points. Firstly, it's actually drift. Dashing competition for guided drifts is a long-time entertainment for Japanese illegal riders, and in America it was rife in the 90. However, Hollywood for a long time looked at Nippon's fun with suspicion, and the tricleval of the franchise is the first picture that reveals this autodiscipline to the general public. He is completely different from the usual drag race for the Yankees, and the unknown always provokes additional interest. The second point is Justin Lin, which, after the "Tokyo Drift" occupies the director's chair for as many as three continuations. It is to him that the film is responsible for the juicy filming of the races, perhaps one of the best in the entire franchise. But only CGI-arrival on the serpentine somewhat smeared the impression, but otherwise Lin did an amazing job in terms of visualization and, most importantly, reporting to the viewer the sensations during drift-races.

At this time, "Fast and Furious" did not get rid of only slaps from the press: the triclal ingloriously failed in the American box office. The world-wide hire and DVD collections sweetened the pill, however these were clearly not the numbers that the producers would like to see. But it was too late to retreat: Vin Diesel confirmed his participation in the fourth part, at the same time having obtained the production reins, and even painted a small cameo in the Tokyo Drift.


And what happened next, you know. We are fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and finally, eighth part of "Fast and the Furious". And the higher the serial number, the greater the scope was acquired by events. The team, in addition to friends and for many already native characters, was replenished with fresh blood. The franchise, unwound from the most demanded actors, began to recruit stars of the first magnitude (Kurt russell, Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Jimmy Honsu), as well as simply known or potentially interesting personalities: hip-hoppersha Iggy Azalea, charming Luke Evans, the main star of Thai fighters Tony Jaa, MMA-fighter Ronda Rauzi, Elsa Pataki, Scott Eastwood (son of the same), the curse of mankind in the face Don Omar and other boys and girls. At the director's steering wheel at once stood up James vanwho knows more than others how to make long-playing and profitable franchises; To the general frenzy the Australian cinematographer added notes of apocalyptic pathos. The extent and degree of inadequate grew in an arithmetic progression, and by the eighth part they reached the level of the Camp I Mexican exploit, in which the capitalism was replaced with a budget of a quarter of a billion. And, perhaps, it was the G8 that managed to perfectly tie everything together: the acting skits are not annoying, the references are easily read, the individual scenes are really impressive, and the intentional idiocy looks fun (how can one restrain a smile when Agent Hobbs breaks the helmsman's helmet head and thus cuts down him?). The death of Paul Walker only added to the discussion and attention to the project. The scale of the franchise is already difficult to fit into the grotesque, and therefore jokes in the spirit of "and the next" Fast and the Furious "will be in space?" Is not quite a joke: you must somehow overshadow the battle of the muscular with the tank on the highway and the Lamba race with the nuclear underwater boat.

Shot from the movie "Fast and the Furious 8"

Shot from the movie "Fast and the Furious 8"

The reasons mentioned earlier for the cult of "Fast and the Furious" would have been enough, but readers who have reached this point deserve at least a resemblance to a resume. Ok, it will be you!

If you leave behind the brackets a good time to release the original picture and take the whole series as a whole, then we can distinguish the following.

Attractive content

Boys love fast and powerful cars, which are here in bulk. There are sports cars for complexing, muscular for fans of classics and even concept kits for those who give poultry milk. Fanservice in the form of semi-nude and hot alpha females in stock.

And for girls, cute and / or powerful men for every taste and color are stored. The sense in this is not a penny, but the eye rejoices.

Eternal themes

"Fast and the Furious" is built of cars only half. His second part is a bromantic. Sidekicks, which are so close that they are called a family, is an eternal theme, praised both by rappers and hardcore-punk bands. It will always be relevant, and in this franchise it is put into the frame every 15 minutes.

In addition, the writers did not forget the amorous questions. Love triangles are formed and collapsing, and the complexities in the relationship, although surrounded by circumcriminal scenery, but not much different from what passes through any strong pair. How to settle down with the birth of a child, but do not step on your throat with your own dreams? How to achieve balance in a bunch of "freedom - care"? How to build a relationship when the whole world yells to your ears "NOT NOW"?


Oh, this parameter does a lot. Have you noticed that behind the all-consuming stupidity of the movie cycle is completely childish exaltation? What all this reminds a fairy tale into which endorphins and testosterone were mixed? The absurdity of situations is not indicative of the ill-considered script. This is not an omission for the sake of entertainment, this deliberate violation of the laws of physics and logic. For what? For the sake of these positive feelings. The world of "Fast and the Furious" - as the world of the early "Harry Potter"There are rascals, difficulties, and even some kind of moral dilemma, but it's still simple and cozy, and in the end the cars of the right characters will go into the garage, and on the table there will be a hot barbecue and a cold" Crown ".

Shot from the movie "Fast and the Furious 8"

Shot from the movie "Fast and the Furious 8"

Still do not believe it? Look closely at the heroes. They are practically cartoonish. Here, take Luke Hobbs. Now find at least one scene where he does not sweat. As Donald Duck can not help but grumble, so agent Hobbs can not help but sweat, it's his trick. Or the scenes on the military base of "Forsage 8": if you look closely, you can see the house number 4 with a large inscription under the roof - AMMUNITION. Only ACME registrations are not enough. And so in everything. Machines can very realistically growl, but the whole action - fairy-animated, this film and owes its atmosphere.

As we see, it's not about the sexualization of wheelbarrows, not in associating oneself with heroes ("I wonder how quickly I can disperse this" Tsivka "?), Not in a vivid picture and not enough films for auto-fetishists, although these elements play a role. The fact is that "Fast and Furious" gives people something that others can not give, and even the connoisseurs of paintings are more serious and the film-snobs of the house, secretly from friends and relatives, are watching the fresh part of "Forsage". Guilty, but fun. And even if Torreto goes to create lawlessness on Fury-161 or LV-426 - well, so be it. After all, the most important thing is not the collected millions, but the family. And, it seems, he himself believes in it. And Dominic Torreto, and Vin Diesel. And you, the main thing, do not repeat what you saw at home: my mother Suzuki Swift is not suitable for this.

Stay tuned and get fresh reviews, compilations and news about the movies first!

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