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Should I watch the TV series "An ordinary woman"?

An intriguing story about the double life of a simple Moscow mother of the family, played out in the scenery that is understandable to the viewer, but lifts the veil of the most terrible secrets.


The life of an “ordinary woman” Marina may seem close to ideal: she herself runs a successful flower business, supporting her all over the husband has a prestigious surgical practice, two daughters succeed in their studies, and the third child is already on the way. But external gloss is only one person of Marina. Outside the house and work, this woman is known to a narrow circle of clients as a very tough owner of an illegal elite brothel. Trading in young girls not only brings an impressive income to a woman that covers all the costs of a legal business, but also entails a lot of problems that Marina has to solve on her own. And if most of their pimp copes very successfully, the death of one of her girls wards can reveal the "little secret" of the mother of a happy and unsuspecting family.

Shot from the TV series "Ordinary Woman"

Shot from the TV series "Ordinary Woman"

Boris Khlebnikov did not rule out returning to the fate of his heroes in the future, and producers Valery Fyodorovich and Yevgeny Nikishov have already said that after the first nine episodes the second and third seasons may well appear

This fall, domestic television never ceases to amaze with high-quality serial news - the viewers did not have time to see enough of the victim "House arrest", As he came to replace"Call DiCaprio!". With the new seasons, Major Cherkasov returned to "Operations “Satan”"And former"Major"Igor Sokolovsky, and ahead of the audience waiting for the Scandinavian cold"Dead Lake"And penetrating to the bone" Incubator ". However, even against this background, new directorial work Boris Khlebnikov “An ordinary woman” stands alone - this is a real “big movie” on a small screen, a project with all the qualities for which we love good foreign TV shows: powerful, intriguing, deep and unpredictable.

Only at first glance it may seem that the author "Arrhythmias"And"A long happy life"Undertook" to sing a famous tune. " Yes, in “Ordinary Woman” one can catch a certain similarity with “Breaking bad"Or"Good girls”, But it is felt only at the very beginning and exclusively at the level of the atmosphere. Otherwise, this is a very special work with original plot architecture, original characters, and most importantly, for all the versatility of the scenario construction, it is very Russian and very feminine. In fact, this is a series about the same woman that is “a gallop horse” and “into a burning hut”. Let the heroine's feats be performed very doubtful - only the ingenuity brought up by the Fatherland and the real Russian spirit help Marina and her relatives cope with the problems that have piled on.

On the set of the TV series "Ordinary Woman"

On the set of the TV series "Ordinary Woman"

The series was demonstrated at several competitive and festival venues in Russia and abroad and has already managed to receive several prestigious awards, and according to the results of the Cannes Regular Woman show, the largest British TV distributor acquired

And there are plenty of problems. Although the name sends us to the secret life of Marina, her family consists entirely of secrets: the husband has intrigue on the side, the eldest daughter gets involved in dubious adventures, and the younger one grows up as a sociopath and a misanthrope. In these small and large everyday disorders, the evil created by Marina (and what does the character Mikhalkovoy, - unconditional evil), may not seem so scary. In fact, Marina doesn’t even have to pretend to be good or bad, two individuals live quietly in her, and organizing her daughter’s holiday is easily combined with hiding the corpse and trafficking in “slaves”. And it is here that Khlebnikov demonstrates his main talent - the ability to demonstrate the combination of the incompatible, spiritual and spiritual rebirth and the notorious "ordinariness of evil."

While many plot twists deliberately stick out the fictitious situations demonstrated (the husband of the main character is blackmailed by his mistress in the most banal way, and her daughter loses someone’s vehicle on level ground), “Ordinary Woman” is filled with simple everyday details that make the characters very lively, understandable and even close . The brilliant triangle - husband, wife, and mother-in-law - makes us smile, Marina’s collision with errors in ordering a birthday cake is a familiar everyday problem, and even trying to fit 25 into a day, or even all 30 hours, have certainly been made by each of us. As in many of his previous works, Khlebnikov creates a completely realistic on-screen world, which is not difficult to empathize.

Shot from the TV series "Ordinary Woman"

Shot from the TV series "Ordinary Woman"

And in a comfortable environment and the actors live freely. Anna Mikhalkova quite appreciably enjoys the proposed image, because her heroine is given a wide range of feelings, and the actions she takes echo on everyone who is close by in the frame. Impressive role finally got Evgeny Grishkovtsuwhich we used to see in the background and in the episodes. One can hardly imagine a more “domestic” spouse, who at the same time keeps his own dark secrets. Alexandra Bortic no longer needs any words of support, she has long grown into a real star, and each scene with Tatyana Dogileva gives the series an additional positive charge, although the actress is an extremely unpleasant person.

The sum of the selected components - the intriguing plot, realism, softness of the narration, the depth of the questions raised and the acting talents - gives a powerful cumulative effect, “Ordinary Woman” with the simplicity and immediacy draws the viewer into a trap. It’s absolutely impossible to refuse to watch the subsequent series after meeting the pilot. And this is another feature successfully picked up by our authors from overseas show runners - on our TV they learned how to do projects that operate according to the most modern canons. As Marina turns out to be completely different from the one with whom it seems, “An Ordinary Woman” is not so ordinary, this is a genuine multi-part film, performed in the most modern way that the authors can be proud of. And this is a great gift for the viewer, a gift with a secret.

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