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10 best films about wars with nature

Man is the most dangerous predator on earth, but this does not mean that in any collision with nature we are guaranteed a quick and painless victory. Even if our opponents are not intelligent and armed mutants like the characters of the new blockbuster "Planet of the Apes: The Revolution". And, of course, the cinema has repeatedly lost various scenarios of such confrontations - realistic and fantastic, comical and tragic. Here are ten films about how people fight the fauna (and the flora!), Placed in order to reduce the likelihood.

10. «Scramble»(2011)

Shot from the film "Fight"

Shot from the film "Fight"

Which of the current Hollywood actors would you choose to sound the leader of a pack of wolves? We would probably have stopped at Liame Nisone. Because he and his voice is suitable for this, and the experience of voicing cartoons is, and he certainly knows about the wolves - after playing the main role in the action movie Joe Carnahan, where Neeson portrayed a sniper who, along with other passengers of an airplane crashed in Alaska, takes off from an unexpectedly aggressive pack of wolves. To the actors and members of the crew were imbued with the spirit of confrontation, the director arranged for them a dinner of two wolf carcasses. In total, four predators were killed for filming - of the other two wolves they made scarecrows for action scenes.

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