Englishmen are shitting!

A retirement comedy that shows through the absurd adventures of the most stupid British spy that Johnny English has grown old, and Mr. Bean's jokes no longer work.

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Agent Johnny English 3.0
Agent Johnny English 3.0 (2018)
Johnny English Strikes Again
Action, Comedy, Adventure
Producer: David Kerr
Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurilenko, Emma Thompson, Jake Lacy, Ben Miller
Premiere: 20 September 2018 years

On the eve of the most important meeting of the leaders of states, Britain was subjected to a mass hacker attack - the traffic movement, the work of hospitals and state institutions were paralyzed, and information about the secret staff of the MI7 service was made public. To save the country's honor, the intelligence leadership is forced to turn to agents who have long retired, including Johnny English, who now teaches geography in the school. In search of a hacker, the disgraced spy, who had repeatedly saved the Crown, plunges into the world of information technology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, owning only the old means of the Cold War. But, as usual, clumsiness, multiplied by fantastic luck, helps English overcome any opponents.

Shot from the film "Agent Johnny English 3.0"

Shot from the film "Agent Johnny English 3.0"

As we all know from movies, the world is constantly on the verge of disaster, and from the inevitable armageddon, we are saved by the selfless exploits of special agents, spies and intelligence officers. Usually the people at the last moment cut the wires at the bomb. But sometimes there are times when James Bond freezes in anticipation of the appointment of a new director, Jason Bourne retires, and Ethan Hunt falls into disgrace with his own leadership. Then Johnny English - the most ridiculous spy of the British intelligence, once every seven years, sobering the English aristocrats, and the rest of the world with his comic antics - comes to the forefront.

Shot from the film "Agent Johnny English 3.0"

Shot from the film "Agent Johnny English 3.0"

The plot of the film should not even be touched, it's such an absurd patchwork quilt that it's pointless to think about the turns - everything is built around simple gags, a native element Atkinson. And to the viewer here are treated like an unintentional child and are preliminarily summed up by the hand even to the most flat joke. If they say that the car runs out of petrol, then the chase will be interrupted at the most crucial moment. If you have shown the pills that cause a surge of vivacity, rest assured, English will take them before going to bed and go to the disco. If the military is asked to turn off the cellular connection near the submarine, how to drink to give Johnny initiates the phone with the launch of missiles. In between, there will definitely be an energetic dance, a violent play with the tongue and ridiculous falls from the parapets, from the windows and from the porch. Mr. Bean, sorry, Johnny English in his repertoire.

Shot from the film "Agent Johnny English 3.0"

Shot from the film "Agent Johnny English 3.0"

However, if you remember, in the previous parts from the total collapse of Atkinson rescued colleagues in the frame. First John Malkovich с Natalie Imbruglia, and then Rosamund Pike, Gillian Anderson и Dominic West did not allow the films to slide into a hopeless farce. This time, helping the comedian called a charming Olga Kurilenko, playing Russian scout, unmatched Emma Thompson, who took on the role of a close-knit British prime minister, and Jake Lacy, reincarnated in the "evil Zuckerberg", dreaming to capture the world with the help of digital technologies. It is unlikely that the actors will remember this work with pride in the future, but they have performed the task on a solid "satisfactory", the eyes from the endless stupid jerks of the protagonist have time to rest.

However, the whole movie is impenetrable black colors will not be painted, it has a certain charm and even hints of meaning. The charm lies in the magnificent landscapes of the south of France and the cliffs of Scotland, shown with immense love, in a light raid retro on everything that English touches. The meaning lies in the not particularly original idea that the digital world is by no means as good as the old "analog" one. Yes, in Britain and Hollywood there are enough conservatives who prefer roaring diesel to economical eco-cars, cash plastic cards and an old kind pistol to the most modern smartphone. And it's not bad, because the future is impossible without the past, it is not necessary to break away from the roots, even when you are drawn to the brightest perspectives.

But who will dream about the digital world, or, conversely, indulge in nostalgia at the sight of the bright red Aston Martin, when on the screen Etkinson tries to cut the lobster, eating sharp nuts, walking in knightly armor or immersed in a computer simulator of hand-to-hand combat? Here you either have to laugh to tears, or nervously fidget in the chair with the thought: "Why did not I go to"The curse of a nun"?" There for actors at least it is not a shame ... "With all the comic talent of a well-deserved British actor, Rowan, obviously, was himself tired of such roles, and therefore" Agent Johnny English 3.0 "looks like a difficult legacy that would be good to leave in the past. After all, everything has its time, and the time for the parodies of Bond, obviously, long gone.

Since 20 September at the cinema.

21.09.2018 Text: Evgeny Ukhov
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