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13 stars with psychological problems

Epithet "crazy" for the actor does not always need to be perceived as a figure of speech. Indeed, many stars can drive crazy with their talent, ability to touch the most secret strings of the soul, play on the most tender feelings of the audience, but sometimes the mental deviations of the actors are literal. Of course, there are few maniacs among your favorites, but we have put together in one list those whose psychiatrists have gilded their children's and not quite the deviations of their clients. So, before you are the stars that create, despite the "cockroaches in my head."

Orlando Bloom

Shot from the film "The Hobbit: The Wasteland of Smaug"

Shot from the film "The Hobbit: The Wasteland of Smaug"

To the Star "Lord of the Rings"And"The Hobbit"Orlando Bloom still has to experience difficulties, stretching from childhood - in school, the future actor was diagnosed with dyslexia, which turned the study into torture. Now it's much easier to cope with the atrophied reading and writing skills, but, according to Bloom himself, at times his inability to quickly get into the scripts made during the filming makes the actor feel like a fool against the background of his colleagues.

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