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10 series, "revived" after the closure

The life of the series is a constant struggle, the victories in which are counted by seasons, episodes and fees. It is worth to stumble, and now you are already sent to the hiatus, the slot is occupied by a competitor, the studio covers the shop. However, not everything in this harsh world is so hopeless, we also know cases of a happy resurrection of several favorite serials from non-existence. On the wave of the trailers' exit of the new "X-Files", the "resuscitation" of which will happen very soon, we remembered a dozen projects, whose return deserves applause.


Doctor Who (1963) / Doctor Who

drama / Adventures / fantasy

Directed by: Douglas Kemfield, David Maloney, Christopher Barry, Michael I. Bryant, Barry Letts

Starring: Tom Baker, William Hartnell, John Perthuy, Patrick Trafton, Frazer Hines

Promo-frame to the TV series "Doctor Who"

Promo-frame to the TV series "Doctor Who"

The best example of the fact that "death is just the beginning," is the British TV series "Doctor Who", which has already grown more than one generation of viewers around the world. The start of the original show happened in the distant 1963 year, and the broadcast of new episodes lasted up to 1989 year. Then the ratings, unsuccessful timeslots and general fatigue squeezed the series from the air, although the BBC channel continued to maintain that it would certainly return to their favorite characters. Waiting for the callback had a long time, but the fans were rewarded with a hundredfold - new seasons are not inferior to the classics and are broadcast with enviable success from 2005 to the present day.

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